Wise (and helpful) tips for the best retirement living

With enough research and planning, downsizing can be a liberating experience.

Retirement – it’s a life stage many of us look forward to. But before lazy days spent doing activities we love can start, there are a lot of decisions to be made.

Finances are certainly crucial – ensuring you have enough funds to live to the standard you’re accustomed to, but there’s also downsizing to consider. Whether your main objective is to reduce home maintenance, be closer to services and transport, or use the additional funds to bolster your retirement nest egg, the benefits of reducing your property footprint are many.

Downsizing 101

Some people confuse retirement villages with aged care homes, but they’re quite the opposite. Most retirement villages are designed with a quality of life in mind featuring amenities such as a pool, clubhouse, gym, tennis courts, some even have a restaurant or cinema. Retirement village life is all about reducing maintenance and upsizing convenience. However, it’s not always easy to know where to start when it comes to choosing the right retirement village for you.

Many residents say they have become more active, more confident and enjoy a greater social life since moving to a retirement village.

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Choosing Right

With around 2,500 retirement villages across Australia, it pays to know what to look for above and beyond what meets your lifestyle needs. This is where the Retirement Living Code of Conduct can help – it’s a voluntary commitment retirement villages make to providing a high standard of management, operation and complaint resolution to ensure residents enjoy a safe and secure lifestyle.

Signing up to the Code of Conduct is a commitment to high standards, with the goal of making every resident’s experience a good one.

When you’re looking for a village you can really trust, just ask “Are you a Code village?”, or keep an eye out for the official Code Seal. You can also search A Wise Move for every village in Australia that has committed to the Code of Conduct.

If a village you’re interested in isn’t signed up to the Code, speak with the village manager or sales representative about whether they plan to join in the future. A commitment to the Code of Conduct offers peace of mind that you’re moving to a reputable village that has the interests of residents at the forefront.

When it comes to making retirement decisions, one of the most common considerations is remaining close to family.

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Deep Dive

Explore the opportunities in retirement village life by downloading a free copy of The Book of Wise Moves, compiled by Retirement Living Council. This comprehensive, transparent guide covers everything you need to know; from what is a retirement village or manufactured home estate; to questions you should ask and advice you should seek before making the move.

To find out more and be on the path to enjoying village life, visit A Wise Move and download your free ebook here.

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