Do-it-yourself: Toy chest

Do-it-yourself: Toy chest

A must-have item in every child’s room. The different-coloured drawers make it easier to sort and store the various types of toys.

For the chest

16mm Supawood

One 1 412 x 450mm piece (bottom)

One 1 444x450mm piece (top)

Two 471 x 450mm pieces (sides)

Two 455 x 441mm pieces (partitions)

9mm Supawood

One 1 412 x 455mm piece (back)

For each drawer:

16mm Supawood

Two 432 pieces (front and back, each with a handle cutout)

One 409 x 432 mm piece (base)

9mm Supawood

Two 450 x 441 mm pieces (sides)

For the paint:

Universal undercoat

Paint in the colours of your choice

Paintbrushes and sponge rollers

Paint trays

Drop sheets

Extra materials:

6 x 40mm chipboard screws (about 102)

Drill and drill bits

Wood glue

Wood filler

80-grit sandpaper

NOTE: Drill a 3mm pilot hole every time before inserting a screw, to prevent the wood from cracking when you turn the screw to secure.

How to make the chest:

  1. Get someone to help you glue and screw the two side panels on either side of the bottom panel.

  2. Glue and screw the top panel onto the side panels.

  3. Slide the back panel into place. Secure with screws right round.

  4. Side the two partitions into place, 460mm from either side, and insert screws from the top and bottom to secure.

  5. Drill two 25mm holes in the top two corners on the back panel, 20mm from the top edge and 50mm from each side, to fit the loops of the cushion through.

  6. Fill each screw hole with wood filler and leave to dry.

How to make the drawers:

  1. Position the 9mm side panels against the 16mm panels for the front and back, then glue and screw into place.

  2. Insert the base panel and secure with screws right around.

  3. Fill each screw hole with wood filler and leave to dry.

How to paint the chest:

  1. Sand the places where you used wood filler to a smooth finish.

  2. Sand the chest and drawers to get rid of sharp edges.

  3. Paint the chest and drawers with a universal undercoat and leave to dry overnight.

  4. Paint the chest and drawers in colours of your choice. We used Dulux Wash and Wear 101 in semi-gloss. China White for the chest, Pink Rose (pink), Pastel Pea (green) and Whimsy quarter strength (blue) for the drawers. Apply two to three coats of paint and leave teach to dry before painting the next, then leave to stand for at least 24 hours to dry completely before sliding in place.

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