6 life lessons we learnt from Hyacinth Bucket

Because sometimes keeping up appearances is a fun way to 'bluff' your way through life's trickier times.
Keeping Up Appearances Hyacinth

“If we can’t afford a gardener, that’s all the more reason why we should look as though we can afford a gardener. So in future, could you look like someone who enjoys doing his own gardening but could afford a gardener if he wanted to” – Hyacinth Bucket.

We love that British actor Patricia Routledge was made a Dame last week for her services to theatre and charity. And we particularly like and identify with her most famous role, the hilariously snobbish Hyacinth Bucket in Keeping Up Appearances.

Keeping Up Appearances was snort-out-loud funny. From the comfort of our very own couches, we could chuckle at Hyacinth’s too-funny antics, and part of the reason it was so good was that it often reflected our insecurities and attempts to ‘bluff’ our way through life.

Here are six life lessons we learned from the imitable (and borderline irritating to some) Hyacinth…

1. Pronunciation matters

2. Believe in yourself even when no-one else does

3. Using a bit of snobbery to protect your pride is sometimes unavoidable

4. Life is always better if you believe everything and everyone around you is special

5. High-quality milk for a cup of tea in fine china might make you feel better

6. Putting on your best dress and pearls can get you through the toughest days…. but sometimes, even better is curling up at home and watching someone else keep up appearances

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