Host a stylish cocktail party

Thinking about dusting off your outdoor patio for a good, old fashion cocktail party? We'll show you how.
Ladies at a cocktail party

As the weather finally warms up, those of us who are partial to a little socialising are counting down the days until we can get a glass of bubbly in hand and friends dancing.

And if you’re looking to host a little cocktail party, nothing is more important than to have a good range of drinks and nibblies on hand.

To help you in your quest to serve the most delicious cocktails (and to be the most impressive hostess), we’ve compiled our absolute favourite cocktail recipes, along with our best canapes, so you can spend less time researching and more time dancing.

All recipes by our sister site, Food To Love.

Brought to you by Yellowglen.

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Serve a refreshing Rose gold cocktail, with a touch of pink grapefruit and a splash of sparkling wine, like the Yellowglen Pink.

These simple figs with prosciutto are quick, easy and delicious.

Yellowglen’s White sparkling wine would go perfectly in this French 75 champagne cocktail.

These duck in crisp wonton cups are a sure-fire crowd pleaser.

How about a fresh Aperol and grapefruit cocktail?

This antipasto plate is perfectly for nibbling.

Try a splash of Yellowglen’s Yellow in this bon viveur rum cocktail.

What about a sweet and fresh lillet spring gin cocktail?

These smoked chicken canapes in lettuce cups are divine.

A splash of Yellowglen’s White sparkling wine would go perfectly with this Strawberries and grapes in sparkling wine and mint cocktail.

For dessert, how about these delicate and decadent berry hazelnut cups?

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