What does your Christmas tree says about you? Tinsel, baubles and ornaments are surprisingly telling about someone’s personality

Your tree says a lot more about your personality than you may think...
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It’s not Christmas without a tree.

Each Christmas tree selection and Christmas decoration is unique, and the perfect festive reflection of its owner.

Whether it’s faux or real, decorated with a modern or traditional aesthetic, big or small, your choice in tree can say a lot about you.

So what does your tree style reveal about your personality?

Take a look below and find out.

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A ‘We went a little OTT with the decorations’ Christmas tree

This tree is struggling under the sheer the weight of the collection of eclectic ornaments gathered by you and your family over many years.

You are probably a parent, and you really love your kids, enough to let them create the beautiful disaster that will be taking over a corner in your living room for the next month and a half.

Your kids taught you that perfection is overrated, as is sleeping in on weekends and being able to use the bathroom without someone calling out your name.

You’re patient and fiercely protective of the ones you love.

A ‘Charlie Brown’ Christmas tree

Poor Charlie and his adorable little tree!

(Image: Supplied)

A tree worthy of one of the best Christmas movies of all time, A Charlie Brown Christmas.

You, like Charlie, see beauty where others see none. You are a glass half full kind of person with a big heart.

Your heart is so big that you have a ridiculous amount of rescue dogs, you just can’t say no.

You cry easily and are no longer able to watch The Notebook because last time you did it took you over a week to stop crying.

Don’t let people push you around this Christmas, keep a bottle of wine at hand.

A pure white Christmas tree

This white Christmas tree sticks with the theme of this pristine room.

(Image: Instagram)

A white Christmas tree is all the rage for those aesthetic-lovers.

Those who gravitate towards an all-white Christmas tree tend to be fond of dramatics and prone to making bold statements.

You are confident, ultra-modern and post regularly on social media.

Be warned, that while it may not phase you, people will not always ‘get’ your white tree style and could even deem it ‘cheap’ or ‘tacky’.

Would Beyoncé care about such petty opinions? Of course not!

Then again, there is very little chance Beyoncé would ever own a white Christmas tree.

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A table top Christmas tree

Just because you live in a small house or unit, doesn’t mean you should have to go without a tree this Christmas.

(Image: Instagram)

Either you don’t have much space OR your kids have left home.

Empty nesters have spent over 18 years making Christmas entirely about their children – and this year all the kids buggered off to their partner’s families for the big day, leaving you wondering what to do with yourself.

You wear a lot of white linen, shop at farmers markets every weekend and are a prolific baker.

It’s time you stopped thinking about other people and gave yourself the treat you so deserve.

Call a friend over for some wine and cheese, read a book, go for a swim or take a bubble bath.

A ‘way too big’ Christmas tree

One word: overcompensating.

You’re hiding something… but what?

Nobody knows the real you because you’re hiding behind glitz, glamour and very big trees.

The perfectly decorated Christmas tree

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You have a perfect house and are a model partner, parent, child and friend.

You remember every birthday and anniversary without the help of Facebook and you manage to juggle home and career life with complete ease.

The thought of winging it fills you with dread and you’ve been planning the perfect Christmas since August.

Remember the old adage, “anything that can go wrong will go wrong,” exists for a reason.

Learn to roll with the punches over the holiday season, it makes life a whole lot more fun.

The ‘anything for the aesthetic’ Christmas tree

Customise your Christmas tree to fit with your aesthetic.

(Image: Instagram)

You’re nothing short of a perfectionist.

Your calendars are colour-coded, your life is written in lists, and your groceries are organised in dedicated compartments.

Of course your tree has to perfectly fit the aesthetic of your living room.

But not everything can be perfect on Christmas.

Try not to have harsh expectations this year and you may be able top avoid extra stress and disappointment.

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