Popular cleaning products ingredients revealed

With the ingredients list of these cleaning products now made publicly available, it's got some researchers worried about the health risks attached to some of the components.

In a bid to alleviate people’s concerns over having dangerous chemicals in cleaning products, a leading company – SC Johnson – has revealed the ingredients in their range.

SC Johnson makes Mr Muscle, Toilet Duck and Glade, and have put together a list of what is in the fragrances of its European products.

They’re doing it to “transform ingredient transparency”, but experts have been quick to raise their concerns over the health risks attached to some of the ingredients.

Fragrances commonly used in chemical sprays, plug-ins and gels have some investigators warning of the potentially hazardous substances that may end in tumours and damage to your lungs, plus asthma and an interference with hormones.

A University of York study has found that the most pollutants come from fragranced products, not outdoor pollution, and that this can potentially cause cancer.

Inadequate ventilation in modern homes is spurring this on.

Some of the potentially dangerous components include limonene – the citrus smell. In low levels it’s considered safe but when exposed to ozone and other gases which occur naturally in the air, it could produce another chemical – formaldehyde.

Formaldehyde is a known cause of cancer and it can affect your health when exposes to high levels of it. It can also cause sore throats, coughs, scratchy eyes and nosebleeds.

University of York Professor Alastair Lewis said: “The ingredients in their raw form are safe – it’s what they turn into that is the problem.”

“If you have a fragranced product in your home you stop smelling the smell after a while, and you must think ‘where has that gone?’”

“The answer is,the fragrance has reacted with other gases and become another compound.”

“Most people should not worry or stop using fragranced products if they enjoy them.”

SC Johnson said in a statement that their products are completely safe. “The level of formaldehyde that could be associated with SC Johnson’s products is so minute that there is no known risk to health.”

The full list of ingredients in SC Johnson products can be found here.

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