Are household chores making you ill?

Yep, even vacuuming is potentially bad for your health.

Let’s be honest, no-one really LOVES to clean (unless you’re a self-confessed domestic goddess).

Well, now you have somewhat of an excuse to get out of it with new evidence stating that certain household chores could be harmful to your health.

The research, put together by AeraMax, Netmums and Dr Julie Riggs, identified how housework and even pets can contribute to the deteriorating quality of air in your home.

You can, however, improve the air quality with an air purifier, and getting plenty air flow moving through your home.

Here are the main culprits that could be damaging your health:

Cleaning your bathroom – Using plug-in air fresheners and aerosols to make your bathroom smell as nice as possible could lead to respiratory disorders like asthma. It’s also been found that a staggering 95% cent of fragrances contain compounds taken from petrol.

Vacuuming – Air-borne particles fly around in the air, including dust and mould spores, which can affect children who play on the floor.

Bleach – This cleaning product has been found to bring about more infections in children than those who aren’t regularly exposed to bleach, including a 35% rise in tonsillitis.

New-build homes – Your brand new house most likely has poor air flow and ventilation because of its energy efficiency. This then leads to an increase in the growth of mould and bacteria, which causes and contributes to asthma.

Pets – We love our furry friends but pet hair tends to stay in carpet, making it difficult for those with pet allergies that may later move into the home. The hair also increases dust and causes asthma and rhinoconjunctivitis.

Washing – Drying your clothes inside on a clothesline releases a huge amount of moisture in the air, which bacteria, fungi and mould thrive off. This may then lead to respiratory issues.

Cooking – If you have a gas stove, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and formaldehyde is released into the air, again hindering your respiratory system.

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