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10 delicious non-alcoholic drinks that don’t make you feel like you’re missing out

Enjoy a drink without... having a drink.
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If you’ve decided to have a bit of time off the booze, congratulations!

Making the decision to implement a big change like this is sometimes the hardest part, and we’re here to be as helpful as we can as you embark on your short or long-term booze-free journey.

Reducing our alcohol consumption is great for our health – it reduces weight gain, bad sleep and skin, mood drops and lifestyle-related diseases – but refraining from drinking can sometimes get a little depressing.

What are some popular non-alcoholic drinks in Australia?

Leading non-alcoholic wine alternative, NON, is one company creating these exceptional liquids.

In fact, NON’s founder, Aaron Trotman, was among the first commercial producers to adopt a culinary approach to the non-alcoholic category; merging techniques and ingredients found within fine-dining kitchens.

“We focus less on what was taken away – the alcohol – and more on the level of experimentation this allows,” Trotman says. “No one in the world is cooking natural produce and turning that into craft beverages the way NON is. Ultimately, I think this is the future of the beverage industry.”

NON was born in 2019 and today, it has a delicious range of seven different flavours that are made with extreme commitment to innovation and creativity. Currently, you can buy them at NON World, Just Wines, David Jones and countless local bottle shops.

To make the tasting experience even better, NON is also offering intimate tours of its headquarters. Tours take place on the first Friday of every month and conclude with a delish food pairing session, accompanied by all seven of NON’s flavoured drinks.

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The best non-alcoholic drinks in Australia

To prevent yourself from dying of boredom with your plain old glass of water this Dry July (or whenever you want to go alcohol-free, really), we’ve rounded up the best alcohol-free beverages that taste delicious and can help you feel like you’re still having fun.

Because sometimes just drinking a Coke becomes a little bit lame – plus all that sugar!

WATCH BELOW: This is how many calories are in your favourite alcoholic drinks. Story continues after video.

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The Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks In Australia 2023

(Image: NON)

NON Alcoholic Wine

NON Alcoholic Wine, $30 per bottle at NON World

NON creates “real drinks for real times” by deconstructing real produce using culinary techniques to create real drinks, with no booze. Every flavour possesses its own distinct profile, with a delightful food pairing option and tour available at NON HQ to elevate the experience to new heights.


(Image: The Wine Collective)

Natureo Grenache Shiraz Non Alcoholic

Spain Natureo Grenache Shiraz Non Alcoholic, $89.94 at The Wine Collective

Made from the finest Garnacha and Syrah grapes, this delicious non-alcoholic wine has aromas of pomegranate, red berries and a hint of vanilla flavour. The taste is full, pure and beautifully balanced with soft tannins and delicate acidity. It’s perfect with pasta and Asian dishes, and is suitable for vegans.


(Image: Hairy Dog)

Little Drippa Cocktail Coffee

Little Drippa Cocktail Coffee, $19.99 per bottle at Hairy Dog

Every bartender’s best-kept secret has been revealed! This Melbourne-made cold extracted coffee is any coffee non-alc cocktail’s ultimate match, saving time and effort for those who want to enjoy a fresh crema, without the fiddling and fuss of a coffee machine.


(Image: Dan Murphy’s)

Carlton Zero

Carlton Zero Non Alcoholic Beer, $39 (usually $42) for a case of 24 at BWS

Alcohol-free beer is officially a thing! If you can’t get enough of the classic Carlton flavour but don’t want the alcohol, you can easily grab a pack or case of these.


(Image: BWS)

Blue Nun Vegan Alcohol Free Red Wine

Blue Nun Vegan Alcohol Free Red Wine, $9 at BWS

This 0.5 per cent “low alcohol” red wine has so little alcohol in it (a similar amount to kombucha) that technically the brand is allowed to call it “alcohol-free” wine.


(Image: BWS)

Better Beer Zero Alc

Better Beer Zero Alc Cans, $10 for a pack of 6 at BWS

This crisp and refreshing brew is the perfect beer for when you’re not drinking beer. It tastes just like the real thing, so you can enjoy Sunday sessions without the Monday meltdowns.


(Image: Liquorland)

Heineken 00 Beer

Heineken 0.0 Beer, $48 (usually $51) for a pack of 24 at Liquorland

Enjoy James Bond’s favourite beer while still abstaining from the booze.


(Image: Maggie Beer)

Maggie Beer Sparkling Ruby Cabernet

Maggie Beer Sparkling Ruby Cabernet, $13.95 at Maggie Beer

Aussie food legend Maggie Beer’s range of gourmet products includes this amazing non-alcoholic wine made from Cabernet grapes.


(Image: Sans Drinks)


Seedlip, $49.95 at Sans Drinks

Seedlip completely changed the game when it first launched its delicious range of non-alcoholic beverages. The beautiful bottle and subtle but complex flavours make you feel as though you’re drinking a high-end gin. Team with your favourite mixer and some garnishes like citrus or herbs.


(Image: Hairy Dog)

The Hills Virgin Apple Cider

The Hills Virgin Apple Cider, $63 per case of 24 at Hairy Dog

Cider is a wonderful crisp drink to enjoy on a warm day and this booze-free version is just as good!


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