Cheers to that! All our favourite celebrities who don't drink alcohol

Booze free, forever!

By Rebecca Sullivan
The Hollywood stereotype of the champagne-quaffing, permanently sloshed celebrity, flitting from glamorous party to glamorous party, getting more boozed as the night (or day) goes on, is a lot further from the truth than many of us think.
It turn out, there are loads of A-list celebs who are actually total teetotallers, not touching a drop of alcohol - ever.
Their motivations are hugely varied. Some prefer to abstain from booze because they're just sick of the hangovers, while others want to live a healthier lifestyle overall, and some have complex histories with substance abuse, so staying away from alcohol is an absolute necessity.
Whether you're looking at quitting booze altogether or just want a bit of motivation to help you cut back or take a short break from drinking, these celebs will offer you some inspiration as you seek to walk down the straight and narrow path.
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