When transeasonal is trending: Here’s how to dress while the weather tries to make up its mind

Because outfit regret is the actual worst.
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Look, none of us are quite ready to admit it, but the truth is plain and simple – summer is coming to an end, and change is most definitely afoot.

Yep, we are now staring down the barrel of a steady decline into cooler temperatures, swapping out sangria for mulled wine and eyeing up flights to Europe (with varying degrees of despair upon discovering the price of airfares).

But the most alarming thing about this time of year lies not in the fact it’ll cost you more than a grand to fly to Croatia to forget your woes.

Nope, the most alarming thing for us, and fellow clothing fanatics is what the actual eff we’re expected to wear when one minute we’re sweating profusely in a muggy, sun-filled city lane, to being drenched to our very core as torrential rain and freezing winds make a not-so-polite appearance.

But fear not, fashion fiends, the answer comes in a simple form – and we’re about to unpack it in its entirely for you: Transeasonal dressing.

Just because the weather can’t make up its mind doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to suffer.


While many of us already know the wonders of making smart layering choices, there are plenty of other little tips and tricks that’ll guarantee you’ll be right as rain (and no rain) when you trek out into the world of the unknown each day.

We’ve outlined our top tips for dressing in transeasonal weather, drawing inspiration from some of the layering Queen’s themselves (cheers, Kate Middleton).

Keep scrolling as we give you the best bang for your wardrobe’s buck – rain or shine.

1. Layering like a pro

This is possibly the most obvious tip, yet it’s still always genius: Layering is the key to getting through this time of year in style.

The method is rather simple – throw on a plain t-shirt or sleeveless top and jeans, and pair it up with a chic knit cardigan and/or a light jacket.

Et voila, you’re ready for the world.

Our inspo Queen for this tried and tested technique? How could it not be Kate Middleton.

Stepping out in ever the chic coat, she always gives fans a true thrill upon stepping indoors and revealing whatever heavenly dress she’s popped on underneath.

Kate’s heavenly McQueen coat, worn while visiting Bradford in January 2020 was stunning enough on its own – but it was the chic Zara dress she later revealed underneath that really placed the cherry atop the pie.


Marks & Spencer Breasted Trench Coat, $119. Available online here.

(Marks & Spencer)

Tussah, Vanita Long Line Jacket, $74.97. Available via The Iconic here.

(The Iconic)

2. Go big on top

Our legs are hardy little things, and they have an uncanny knack for withstanding some pretty precarious conditions (did anyone else play Saturday netball in torrential rain and a skirt? ).

That’s why when it comes to transeasonal weather, going big on the top, and leaving your legs to their own devices is a definitive mood.

Ever seen a cute chunky knit cardi paired with a silky maxi skirt? Definitely a thing. A long-sleeved turtle neck with a chic mini-skirt? Totally a vibe.

Our inspo for this one? Only the ever-formidable Meghan Markle.

Meghan nailed the art of transeasonal dressing, and has single-handedly sparked a desperate sales surge in silk skirts and turtle neck tops. Obsessed.


Uniqlo Soft Knitted Fleece, $19.90. Available online here.


Boden Cashmere Roll Neck, $240. Available online here.


3. Suns out, toes out

While sandals and straps aren’t our staple go-to in the winter, they sure as heck serve us well in the three other seasons.

Indeed by simply letting your tootsies breath, you’re guaranteeing your own personal ventilation system.

Whether it’s heels with an open toe, or strappy shoes exposing the skin in its entirety – if you’ve covered up your legs or torso you’ll more than likely fare well no matter what devilry Mother Nature decides to throw at you.

We’ll take heed from a strappy heeled master on this one: Katie Holmes, who can simultaneously pull off an open toe, a full satin powder-blue suit and make it like it’s no big deal.

Bowing down.

Katie Holmes knows.


Marks & Spencer Leather Square Toe Mules, $85. Available online here.

(Marks & Spencer)

Zara Flat Braided Metallic Sandals, $49.95. Available online here.


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