These two Aussie ladies couldn’t find the plus-size clothing they wanted, so they made their own

''Any designer who thinks curvy gals should sit in a corner in a mumu is missing out.''
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You know that feeling when you have a certain style of clothing that you’re dead-set keen on, but no matter how far and wide you search, there just doesn’t seem to be one single store that has it?

Yep, we’ve all spent long Saturday afternoons searching high and low for that specific silhouette, or the shoe that features that exact heel height… to absolutely no, heartbreaking avail.

Luckily for many people, there are alternatives and happy mediums to settle on – you could opt for the empire waist over an a-line, or the pea coat over a reefer jacket.

But for two Aussie creatives, and a frustrated legion of others, this happy medium was like some kind of enigma.

In fact, despite having a clear sense of what their personal style and aesthetic was, the task of finding said clothing was quite literally impossible.

The term ‘plus-size’ is thrown around left right and centre these days, with many brands extending their size ranges from 16-24.

And while there’s no doubt that plenty of plus-size clothing fits well, that’s not to say it flatters.

Well, that was until Chantelle Ellem and Rebel Wylie took matters into their own hands.

Reigning from Northern New South Wales, the two curvy mums long had a dream to wear all the beautiful boho-inspired fashion that their inner free-spirited hearts desired.

“I’ve been plus size forever, ranging from size 16 to 24, and finding clothes that I loved and made me feel beautiful was actually an impossible task,” Chantelle, who is also behind popular blog Fat Mum Slim, says.

Rebel, a mum of four, adds that things were made all the more difficult after welcoming her children.

“As years went on, and I had my kids and my hips widened and my boobs took over it became even more difficult to find what I was looking for,” she says.

“Sure you can squeeze into things and make adaptations to make them work but it’s bloody disheartening.”

The idea that one needs to be “tall and willowly” to rock a boho ensemble seems to be all too common for many designers, Rebel explains.

“But that’s rubbish. Tall, short, thin, curvy… whatever shape we are we should be able to decide what fashion is for us.”

After years of struggling to find designs that made them look and feel good, the two mums had enough.

“I dreamed of being able to walk into a store, find something I loved and simply buying it,” Ellem says

That simplicity, something so many people take for granted, held all the allure the pair needed – they literally took matters into their own hands by creating an entire line of boho-inspired clothing for curvy bodies.

Thus, Ada + Lou was born.

Fashion wasn’t always easy for Rebel and Chantelle, so they took matters into their own hands.


After two years of trialling, testing and hustling to “get it right”, the boho-inspired clothing line created by the two talented ladies launched in late September.

The reception to the pair’s new label has exceeded both their expectations, with most items selling out within weeks.

“Any designer who thinks curvy gals should sit in a corner in a mumu is missing out,” Rebel says.

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With an array of beautiful flowy midi-dresses, skirts, blouses, and wraps featuring front and centre of their very first collection, the boho designs are flattering, comfortable and chic.

For women like Rebel and Chantelle who have struggled to find clothes for decades, the result couldn’t be more welcome.

The collection features a range of stunning silhouettes including this top and skirt ensemble. Shop it here.


Gorgeous tops, skirts and dresses feature in boho-inspired prints throughout the collection.


As the two ladies settle into their newly found place in the fashion industry, there’s one thing patently clear to both of them – thank goodness they took the risk.

“People feel beautiful in our clothes, and love getting dressed in them, and that’s what matters the most,” Chantelle says.

“It’s what we wanted all those years ago, and now we have it for ourselves and so many women across Australia.”

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