Quaran-spree: The best (and sneakiest) online shopping hacks that’ll get you some solid bang for buck

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If you’re like us, you’ll be well attuned to the alluring temptress that is online shopping.

Oh yes, we’re all too familiar with the thrill that comes from hitting ‘add to cart’, and then later seeing the beloved email to our inboxes declaring that our order has indeed been blissfully shipped.

Of course, there is one small snag at the simplicity of it all – our wallets can take a bit of a battering.

Now, more than ever is undoubtedly a time to be financially conscious – but it’s also a time to support the talented creatives around us cultivating their businesses to provide for people in an online capacity.

As we spend more time indoors than ever, it’s likely you’ll be considering and partaking in the art of online shopping like never before.

So to strike that ultimate balance between thriftiness and supporting local businesses, we’ve outlined our top tips to get the best bang for your buck while shopping up a storm via the interwebs.

We feel you, Rachel.


Check your favourite stores on Instagram first

You might have noticed more brands than ever are getting on board the discount wagon of late – and with Instagram being as popular as it is, most companies like to use the platform to announce their best deals first.

Whether it’s dishing out a discount code, announcing a sale or sharing a giveaway, you can guarantee Instagram will be the place they share the blessed news.

So if you’re on a website gearing up to hit ‘pay now’, it’ll pay to quickly jump on their Instagram account (if they have one) to see if they have any serendipitous updates to share…

Stalk your brand’s tagged photos on Instagram to get a sense of the product

Is there anything worse in the world than getting your online clothing haul and finding that nothing actually looks as good in real life?

Well, admittedly there are a lot of worse things, but this is a feat we’d prefer to avoid.

It’s to be expected that online stores make their inventory look as appealing as possible on their websites (they want you to actually buy it, after all), but it’s important that we, as said buyers, actually get a product that meets our expectations.

A sneaky little hack to suss out whether that dreamy off-shoulder dress really looks that good? Hop onto trusty old Instagram again and check out the brand’s ‘tagged’ page.

If they’re a popular company, you’ll no doubt see the products, or similar designs by them tagged in pictures by other buyers.

This will give you a good sense of how the product looks in real life. And it’ll come in handy for clothes in particular – you’ll get a good idea of how to style it by seeing how other people have pulled it together in a full outfit.

Let them know when your birthday is

Ah yes, this old nugget. If you happen to have an upcoming birthday, you’ll be pleased to know this business-trick isn’t original in the slightest.

A number of brands offer discounts and deals for people celebrating their birthday – so whether the offer is only available on the day itself or the entire month, you’ll be singing happy birthday to a fresh set of discounted Egyptian sheets in no time.

Carrie Bradshaw would 100% approve of an online discount – just like the rest of us.


Keep an eye on your favourite influencers for any promo codes

Another marketing gift comes in the form of influencer engagement, so why is this good for us folk with humble 500-strong influencer followings, you ask?

Well, our wardrobes, homes and wallets can benefit for starters.

Brands are increasingly looking to on-brand Insta-famous people to promote their products to their own followings.

So, if you’ve got a favourite style blogger, or a dreamy home interior account you’re accustomed to drooling over during your daily scroll, keep an eye on their captions and stories for sneaky discount codes they’ve been given by brands.

Leave the product in your cart for a day

Sometimes, it’s all too easy for some of us to get a little carried away and drop a wad of virtual cash in the heat of the moment.

But taking a deep breath, stepping away and waiting a moment can actually be pivotal for both our perspective (do you really need that extra pair of wide-legged jeans?) and our wallets.

Take note here – nothing is a secret in the internet-sphere.

If you add something to your inventory, but don’t buy the product immediately, brands know. And they also know how to convince you.

Ever received one of those notifications offering a sneaky reminder that you’ve still got a little something waiting patiently in your cart?

Pay attention to the details in these emails and pop-ups – they often include a little extra discount as an incentive.

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