So long, daggy PJs! Here's the chicest and comfiest loungewear to wear whilst self-isolating

Dressing up for the inevitable onslaught of FaceTime calls.

By Jess Pullar
Whether you're already in the midst of it or simply on the brink - self isolation is quickly becoming the the new norm, and our couches and Netflix accounts best be ready for the onslaught.
Yep, with increasing numbers of people now working from home or simply staying at home amid the COVID-19 outbreak, our morning routines of whacking on a full face of makeup and pulling together whatever passably chic outfit we can find before rushing out the door with a smoothie in hand is fast becoming a distant memory.
But while it's all too easy for us to simply roll out of bed and open our laptops bleary-eyed and pyjama-clad to begin the days work, it's important to remember that maintaining a sense of routine and work-normality can actually do us wonders.
Yep, despite the appealing temptation to lope around in our pyjamas all day, it's actually good for us mentally to adopt as normal a routine as possible while we navigate our way through this unsettling time.
And for fashion-obsessed people like us, our outfits are at the centre of any ordinary day.
So while you might be couch-bound at present, that doesn't mean you have to dress down!
Meghan Markle has nailed the self-isolation loungewear brief in her old snaps from Instagram. (Instagram)
In fact, whacking on something chic, yet comfortable could give you a good old boost to get you through another day of parking up couch-side and rifling through your quarantine snacks like there's no tomorrow.
That's why we decided to seek out the best loungewear on the market to get you through in style.
Keep scrolling for our favourite, couch-and-FaceTime appropriate looks.
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