Kate Middleton’s GENIUS fashion hack you probably missed

And now we know what we're doing with every shirt we own.
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When it comes to dishing out fashion inspiration, Kate Middleton is undoubtedly at the top of the list for many – and it only takes moments like these to know exactly why.

In case you missed it, Kate treated the inner style-fiend in us all earlier this week by wearing two uber chic outfits that had us enamoured as soon as her teetering heels had hit the pavement.

But there was something a little different about both of her looks that completely floored us for a moment… before we very quickly pulled ourselves together and investigated exactly what was going on.

Can you spot it? There are subtle tweaks on these two looks, and they’re genius! (Images: Getty)

Starting her day off by visiting a children’s centre in London, Kate stepped out in a gorgeous purple Gucci blouse and wide-legged Jigsaw pants – a look that had us hooked in itself.

But there was a little detail you might have missed about this one – her Gucci top was, in fact, on backwards.

And unlike us normal folk who might unintentionally manage to achieve the feat due to pure exhaustion or getting dressed in the dark (yes, we’ve all been there), Kate did this on purpose – and boy are we glad she did.

Kate got creative with her Gucci blouse. (Image: Getty)

The original shirt (pictured) has the buttons running down the back. (Image: Net-A-Porter)

The silk purple shirt has a row of buttons down the back, as seen in the above pictures on Net-A-Porter, however Kate wore the shirt with the buttons lined down the front – genius!

This meant the buttons around the cuffs of her shirt were visible from the front, while the ruffles around her shoulders were also more visible face-on.

Paired with her wide-legged pants with her brunette tresses in her signature loose curls, there was no denying we’ll be taking a mental note of this entire ensemble as a key addition to our winter outfit research.

WATCH: Kate Middleton plays with young kids on visit to a children’s centre. Story continues after video…

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Later that same day came the second treat for royal fashion enthusiasts – Kate attended the NGV Portrait Gala in her iconic Alexander McQueen gown that we’d last seen her wear for the BAFTA Awards in 2017 – only this time, she’d added sleeves.

Or had she?

On closer inspection, some eagle-eyed royal fans proved their dedication to the cause by discovering that this McQueen gown was actually different.

Yep, the shocking truth was revealed by Hello!, whose close inspection of the placement of each flower on the dress revealed that it was slightly different to her OG BAFTAs look.

Assuming that Kate was given a couple of options ahead of the glitzy night back in 2017, it seems she opted for the less-is-more approach.

Two years later, lo and behold it seems Kate was ready to don her sleeved version.

Imagine that – two Alexander McQueen dresses just sitting in your wardrobe for two years, casual.

Swipe to see the two versions below:

Kate stunned the masses as she entered the glitzy event. (Image: Getty)

From all of these fashion revelations, it would be safe to assume that Kate – and her team of stylists – are a very crafty bunch.

And while we mightn’t be able to mirror Kate’s looks exactly (unless you have an A-list budget), there are plenty of affordable options out there that’ll have you channelling the Duchess in no time.

See our best match ups below!

Where to buy an affordable version of Kate’s purple Gucci blouse

This ASOS DESIGN relaxed satin long sleeve shirt is perfect to dress up corporate style for work, or down for daytime.

$56, available on ASOS.

This ASOS DESIGN relaxed satin long sleeve shirt is perfect to dress up corporate style, $56, available on ASOS.

Alternatively, if you’re living in a warmer climate, the below sleeveless style from ZARA with a front-facing bow channels all kinds of Kate Middleton.

$49.95, available from ZARA.

Where to buy an affordable version of Kate’s Alexander McQueen dress

If you’re a 2017-BAFTAs-Kate kinda gal, then this Pilgrim sleeveless dress is the one for you. You can dress it up for a summers day, or add some accessories and whack on some heels to rock it for an evening soiree.

$119.95, available on The Iconic.

On the other hand, if you’re more of a modest-Kate-at-the-gala type person, this flattering floral sleeve style by Forcast is the one for you.

$55.99, available from The Iconic.

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