The best dressed celebrities from 2019 – according to red carpet experts

Flawless is an understatement.
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Ah, 2019 – what a year it has been. We’ve seen a resurgence in hair clips, mini-handbags and that thong sandal.

And whether you’re into these rather, er, left-of-field trends, there’s no denying there have been some serious style slam dunks in the mix from our favourite celebrities.

And so, to pay homage to some of the most momentous style moments of the year, we decided to pull in a team of experts to pick the stand-outs.

Enter Giorgio Armani and YSL Beauty’s director of artistry Ross Andrewartha, E! Australia host Ksenija Lukich, PR maven and reality TV star Roxy Jacenko, red carpet and bridal designer Steven Khalil and hair and makeup artist to the celebs Jade Kisnorbo.

The talented five are well attuned to the effort that goes into rocking a red carpet, so we undoubtedly trust their judgement when it comes to picking the year’s very best dressed.

Keep scrolling as we round up our trendy top ten.

WATCH: See the best red carpet looks from the 2019 Oscars. Gallery begins after video…

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10. Zendaya

Steven: Zendaya knows how to set trends, she’s a chameleon who can pull off any look with grace. Her fearlessness with fashion is what makes her style so alluring.

Jade:Zendaya incorporates cool, comfy and glamour all-in-one. I love the way she commits to every look, from hair to make-up. She doesn’t shy away from a big hair style or a pop of colour on her face.


9. Kendall Jenner

Ksenija: Kendall is a seriously sexy dresser and shows plenty of skin, but it never strays into trashy. She doesn’t wear a lot of print, but that doesn’t make her look simple.

Ross:Where do I even start?! This babe is literally in a league of her own – perfect with or without make-up. I love that she literally changes her look weekly, but is also comfortable in her own skin.


8. Georgia Fowler

Jade:Her face is honestly so beautiful and her beauty is always on point. Georgia has a presence about her from runway to red carpet. She owns whatever style she’s wearing and I’ve never seen anyone look that good in feathers!

Ksenija: Georgia has perfected the “model off-duty” look, I mean, look at her! Her statuesque beauty is a designer’s dream. I love that she keeps her outfits streamlined and chic, but she always adds a pop of fun.

7. Victoria Beckham

Roxy: Victoria is one of a kind, having built a brand around a signature look. Whether it’s bold pops of vibrant colour or avant-garde, androgynous tailoring, her looks are always iconic, head-turning and memorable.

Jade: Victoria is the definition of cool and polished. She continues to evolve and recreate her style while running her own empire and being a mother. No-one else rocks a chic pair of sunglasses like her!


6. Priyanka Chopra

Steven:Even when she’s sometimes being quirky, Priyanka always manages to look chic. I love how she can go from streetwear to designer with such ease.

Ksenija: There is only one word I can use to describe this beauty’s sense of style and that is chic. Priyanka just looks expensive and carries clothing extremely well. I love seeing her in suiting and coats, especially when she adds a touch of sex appeal.


5. Cate Blanchett

Roxy: Cate is the perfect example of a timeless beauty. Combining dramatic silhouettes and dazzling embellishments with impeccable tailoring, she knows how to blend high fashion with ageless elegance. Dressing for no-one’s approval, I admire her confidence in the industry.

Steven: Cate is true Hollywood glamour. I love how she knows her own style but isn’t afraid to have fun with it.


4. Olivia Palermo

Ross: I love that Olivia isn’t afraid to rock a bold eye no matter the occasion. All year round you can see this babe rocking big winged liner, lashes and a sultry eye look. She’s more than happy to buck a trend, mix a bold eye with a bold lip and be adventurous with her looks.

Jade: I’ve always looked at Olivia for her impeccable style! I love that she mixes colours and prints yet keeps it quite classic when pairing her beauty, and isn’t scared of a smoky eye. She’s my kind of girl.


3. Margot Robbie

Roxy: Margot exudes sophistication and class; I always anticipate her next show-stopping look. She introduces her Australian flare to the bright lights of Hollywood by mixing neutral, earthy tones with glamorous silhouettes that replicate the best of classic Hollywood style.

Steven: Margot’s style is very soft and romantic. I admire her love of drapery and softer fabrics. Margot tends to wear more looser, free-flowing clothing and it works for her.


2. Kate Bosworth

Ross: Kate loves a red lip, but what’s interesting about her is that she always changes the tone of red she uses, which we could all learn from. When she does nude, she’s all about the monochromatic make-up.

Ksenija: There’s nothing more iconic than Kate’s different coloured eyes, but her femininity and bright sense of style is a close second. She embraces colour at almost every event, and always manages to look both chic and youthful.


1. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Ross: I was actually lucky enough to meet Rosie in person recently and she’s even better in real life. Rosie always manages to bring simple elegance to her make-up with dreamy skin and a soft blown-out eye.

Roxy: English rose Rosie radiates a royal essence in all her looks. She’s the perfect balance of glamour and practicality.

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