The best bras for mature women start at $50, and this is the trick to make sure it fits perfectly

We should feel sexy regardless of age, size or shape.

On average, 80 per cent of Australian women are wearing the wrong size bra and many of them are over the age of 40.

While we often think of bra fittings as something reserved for teenage girls just coming into womanhood, the reality is that most women go far too long without getting fitted for a properly fitting bra.

It’s part of the reason so many women find their bras so uncomfortable, especially as their bodies change over time.

Because many women only get professionally fitted as teens, they can go for years or even decades accidentally wearing the wrong size.

In fact, it becomes even more important to get re-fitted as women enter their 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond, as their size and shape can go through major changes in these years.

“Most woman’s bodies change the most during these decades, regardless of weight fluctuation, breast tissue can diminish over the years so it’s not only important to regularly check the sizing is correct, but also the style and shape,” a Simone Pérèle fit expert tells Now To Love.

There are so many different life stages that require fittings as the body changes, from pregnancy, to menopause and other hormonal shifts.

“Generally, at Simone Pérèle we recommend a fitting with each purchase of a new bra, ideally at least once a year as the style could be slightly different or your body has changed.”

Of course, changes in your figure can lead to changes in your body confidence and it’s important to know that women can still feel sensual and confident in their lingerie at any age, be it 25 or 65.

“We adapt to suit varying needs as our body changes, because being comfortable brings on that confidence,” says the fit expert.

“The shape of the bra is just as important as the size to ensure the appropriate support and to give you the best silhouette in garments.”

Getting fitted for a bra by an expert like the ones at Simone Pérèle can help ensure you get the best fit in a bra that smooths and contours your body in a way that makes you feel phenomenal.

For some, that means a clean design with extra support and shaping, for others it will look like delicate lace or lines that flatter a full bust.

“Women should feel sexy regardless of age, size or shape,” she says – and aren’t those words to live by?

To get started on your way to more comfortable and sensual bras, get a professional fitting with a lingerie brand like Simone Pérèle.

Some brands – including Bras N Things, Triumph, Bendon and more – even offer virtual fittings that make it easier than ever to find your perfect size at any age.

The best bras for older women to shop in Australia

Simone Pérèle

For women who prefer a lightweight bra, try: Comete Comete Moulded Underwire Bra, $80 (usually $149.95), from Simone Pérèle.


For extra support that doesn’t skimp on style, try: Fayreform coral underwire bra, $69.95 from Curvy.

Bras N Things

For women looking for a seamless everyday style, try: My Every Day Contour Bra, $30, from Bras N Things.

Simone Pérèle

For women with shallower busts, try: Wish Half Cup Bra, $159.95, from Simone Pérèle.


For women who prefer something wirefree and padded, try: Fit Smart Padded Bra, $29 (usually $59.95), from Triumph.


For something simple, sensual and wirefree, try: Playtex Ultralight Wirefree Bra, $54.95, from Curvy.


For a classic silhouette with great coverage, try: Charlotte Underwire Bra, $69.95, from Bendon.


For a style that will minimise fuller busts, try: Triumph True Shape Sensation Minimiser Bra, $69.95, from Myer.


For women who want a bit of a boost, try: Pure Invisible Wired Padded Bra, $99.99, from Triumph.

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