Flatter your curves and say goodbye to discomfort with the best plus size bras Australia has to offer

A comfortable bra makes a world of difference.

By Isabelle Knevett
There are few wardrobe pieces worn more frequently than a bra.
For those of us with breasts, finding the perfect bra that holds you in, provides support, lifts and creates a flattering silhouette is an arduous task.
And even in the year of 2023, shopping for plus size pieces can be a royal pain and down right difficult. Factor in finding a stylish, flattering, comfortable and well fitting bra, you have yourself a nightmare shopping expedition.
But everyone deserves to find the perfect bra. The bra that provides comfort, support, hugs all the right places and doesn't dig into the wrong ones - the bra that makes you actually want to wear one.
Which is why we have taken the task upon ourselves to scout out the best plus size bras on the market for you to shop, right here in Australia.
Find the perfect bra to suit your body and your needs in terms of support. (Getty)
Before you get to shopping, it's helpful to keep in mind some top tips for finding the perfect plus size bras:
  • Consider wireless for ultimate comfort and less digging from underwire throughout the day.
  • Don't forget to ensure you have the right cup size! No matter how well fitting the bra, a too small or too big cup will leave you spilling out or gaping spaces.
  • Try find a bra with 3 or more hooks for added stability.
  • You should be able to slide two fingers under the band of your bra, don't go through the discomfort of a too small bra - your breasts are too precious for that!
You've got the top tips, time to get shopping. Read on to find our comprehensive guide of winning plus size bras.

The best plus size bras to shop in 2023

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