Puurfect! Your ultimate pet gift guide from an animal behaviourist

For all your very good boys (and girls) this Christmas.
Pets Christmas

Don’t forget your cherished cats and dogs – show the love with pet presents this howl-iday season.

Animal behaviourist Laura Vissaritis spoke to Your’s writer Mark Brook and revealed the best gifts for your pets in 2017 in her Santa Paw’s Wishlist.

Bliss Balls toys

“A range of different toys will provide some interactive fun between you and your beloved cat,” Laura says.

$9.95 (3-pack), Trouble & Trix at Pet Shop Direct.

Peacock plush toy

Be a softie and let your puss curl up with, chase and carry it around!

$9.99, Meow & Me at Petstock.

Cat Santa pants tunnel

Feline frisky? How about a run through this fun, festive tunnel.

$7, Kmart.

Dog Treat Puzzle

Let Harry work out where his favourite snack is with a fun and interactive treat puzzle.

$9, Kmart.

Melamine pet bowl

The non-skid rubber base prevent pets’ messy spills.

$8, Kmart.

Peach Banana Leaf Diamond Capsule

“Cats love to find dark and small spaces, so giving them a hideaway can help create a safe zone,” Laura says.

$34.95, Huts and Bay at Temple & Webster

Leopard ivory onesie

Dress up your pooch in this adorable suit!

$49.95, Huts and Bay at Temple & Webster

Good Dog gift pack

What a hamper – mini treats and squeaky toys will get that tail wagging!

$34.95, IdPet at Temple & Webster

Dogimite dog toy

“This is so cute! And did you know dogs can enjoy the odd bit of Vegemite as a treat, too?” Laura says.

$16.95, IdPet

Cat Scratcher House

“Support your feline’s desire to scratch (and protect the sofa) with this cardboard house,” Laura says.

$5, Kmart.

Personalised Paw Frisbee

“Even a short game of frisbee in the park helps to further build the bond with your pooch,” Laura explains.

$19.95, IdPet

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