Osher Günsberg reveals impressive 9kg weight loss transformation: Give this man a rose!

The host of The Bachelor is not only looking as fit as a Rugby Sevens star, he's feeling mentally strong too.
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One year after being fat shamed by media outlets for his ‘Bali belly’, Osher Günsberg reveals his dramatic weight loss transformation on the cover of Men’s Health magazine.

The host of The Bachelor lost 9kg of fat and gained 2.5kg of muscle over a 10 week period while on a plant-based diet. He also completely transformed his mental health.

Osher took to social media to share his incredible story, plus his impressive before and after snaps!

“I always said I’d never take my shirt off on camera unless it was for the cover of Men’s Health Australia,” the 44-year-old, started his inspirational post on Facebook.

“I’m a man of my word. This is me, with my shirt off on the cover of Men’s Health Australia, and I’m the first plant-based person to do so in Australia.”

“Over ten weeks I lost 9kg of fat and gained 2.5kg of lean muscle by eating nothing but plants and training every day until I was a flat pancake on the gym floor.”

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What a difference! Osher before and after his 10-week-transformation. Image source: Instagram/@osher_gunsberg

Osher, formerly known as Andrew G, went on to reveal he has stopped taking medication for his mental health battles and with the advice of his doctor, wanted to use exercise as a way to regulate his emotional responses.

“I started this #MHtransformation as a way to help me manage life off of meds. I hadn’t been on antipsychotics for about 18 months before I started this,” he wrote.

“I’d shifted to a different medication for the OCD, however as I got better and better, the side effects now became more prominent than the symptoms – so me and my Dr decided to try life without them.”

“Coming off meds altogether in December meant that I needed to put management strategies in the place where they once were, I needed things to help me regulate my emotions and emotional responses – and resistance training was a large part of that.”

Osher earlier this year before starting his health overhaul.

The fit and healthy Network Ten star, is now celebrating seven months off medication.

“Like a good mental health patient, I kept checking in with my psychiatrist – and as the months passed, our med-free experiment carried on,” he continued on Facebook.

“It’s now seven months off meds, and I’m still under doctor’s supervision – because there’s a big difference between not taking meds and not NEEDING to take meds.”

“To keep it that way – resistance training is something I do almost every single day. I spend time on my bike almost every single day. I eat with purpose and consideration every single day.”

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Since finding exercise and training, Osher says he’s changed his life for the better and he thanks his wife Audrey as well as singer Guy Sebastian who recently underwent a dramatic body transformation too.

“Sure it takes time, but that’s an investment in my health but more importantly in the quality of my relationships at home and at work,” he said.

“This is a life goal, a dream come true for me, and along with Em and Chief, I couldn’t have done it without the support and patience of my wife Audrey, the inspiration of Guy Sebastian and the workload management of Lauren Miller. I’m so grateful that I’ve had this chance.”

“A chance to change my body by also my life.”

We’re so happy for you, Oshie!

Osher and his infamous hair will be back on our screens on August 15, hosting Nick Cummins season of The Bachelor.

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