The No-Diet Diet

Eat your favourite foods and lose six kilos with our easiest ever meal plan.

It’s a well-known fact that dieting is tough. Having to deprive yourself of all the things you enjoy to lose weight – it’s no wonder two out of five dieters quit within a week of starting. Until now that is.
Introducing the No-Diet Diet – aka the hot, new weight-loss phenomenon from the UK where you eat all your favourite foods. We’re talking burgers, curries, pasta, chocolate, even booze – yet still lose up to 6kilos in as many weeks. No deprivation, no feeling hard done by, just delicious food.
“Because you’re not denying yourself anything, the No-Diet Diet gives you your best weight-loss chance ever,” says its creator, nutritionist Amanda Ursell.
Even better, it was created for busy people – so there are even options to grab on the go. It really couldn’t be easier. So, what are you waiting for? Here’s the eating plan that guarantees to make you look and feel fabulous – for life!
Follow these simple steps to shed those unwanted extra kilos. It's as simple as one, two, three...
Have one meal a day from each colour-coded section:
Have a blow-out once a day. Yep, you read that right… So, who fancies a burger or a stir-fry?
Recipes include:
You can check out all the RED recipes HERE
If you're pressed for time why not try these Quick Meals:
Bacon roll
Grill 3 rashers of back bacon. Spread a large roll with tomato sauce and add bacon. Serve with a small juice and a small skim latte (780 cals).
Ploughman’s lunch
Serve 40g of cheddar or stilton with two pickled onions, 1 tbsp tomato relish, 1 heaped tbsp coleslaw, 1 tomato, salad leaves and a small chunk of French bread (805 cals).
Spaghetti Bolognese
Mix 300g of cooked spaghetti with 300g Latina Bolognese sauce and top with 1 tbsp grated parmesan cheese (803 cals).
Baked potato with beans and cheese
Bake a 250g potato, top with 200g baked beans and 40g grated cheddar or tasty cheese. Serve with a tomato salad dressed with 1 tbsp of French dressing (785 cals).
These lighter eats will keep you full and on track to lose six kilos in six weeks. Meals include delicious macaroni cheese and creamy fruit and nut muesli.
Recipes include:
You can check out all the AMBER recipes HERE
If you're pressed for time why not try these Quick Meals:
Weet-bix and fruit
Two Weet-Bix with skim milk and 1 banana, plus a few pieces ready-to-eat dried apricot (390 cals).
Toast and juice
Spread 10g of butter on two slices of toast. Serve with a 150ml glass of apple or orange juice (400 cals).
Tuna salad roll
Mix 100g drained, canned tuna with 1 tbsp of light mayonnaise and black pepper. Place in a large wholemeal roll. Top with salad (395 cals).
Macaroni cheese
Preheat oven to 180°C. Cook 60g dry weight macaroni as per pack instructions, then drain well. Make 50g of Gravox White Sauce mix. Stir the sauce into the pasta with 20g grated cheddar and pour into an ovenproof dish. Cook in the oven for 10 minutes. Serve with 80g steamed broccoli (390 cals).
GREEN (210 calories or fewer):
They might be the healthiest meals on the list but they’re still delish. Smoothies, Greek salads and even burritos? Oh, go on then!
Recipes include:
You can check out all the GREEN recipes HERE
If you're pressed for time why not try these Quick Meals:
Scrambled eggs and mushrooms
Whisk two eggs with a pinch of salt, pepper and a splash of skim milk. Scramble in a pan. Grill two large mushrooms, sliced horizontally, to serve with the eggs (180 cals).
Greek salad
Chop a 55g block of feta cheese into small cubes. Add one chopped tomato, half a chopped cucumber, a large handful of shredded lettuce and three black olives. Pop the lot in a container with 1 tsp of French dressing and put the lid on. Give it a good shake, then enjoy (195 cals).
Cheese roll
Spread 40g ricotta cheese on a 50g wholemeal roll. Add as many slices of cucumber as you like – it’s super-low in calories and flushes out toxins. Grind some black pepper over it (180 cals).
Bacon sandwich bite
Toast one slice of medium-sliced brown bread, while grilling one slice of back bacon, which is leaner than other cuts. Cut two slices of tomato, which you can have cold or grilled, depending on your preference. Once everything is cooked, layer up the bacon and tomato on your toast before adding 1 tsp of tomato sauce (194 cals).
That's right! With our with grab-and-go options you can even indulge in a McDonalds Big Mac and small fries.
Dieting can be difficult when you're super busy, but with grab-and-go options from popular chains and restaurants, you'll find it very easy to stick to. Follow the plan for six weeks and you could lose up to 6kg, and up to 12kg after 12 weeks.
On-The-Go Options RED:
● McDonald’s Big Mac with small fries (748 cals)
● KFC Popcorn chicken, seasoned chips, corn on the cob (784 cals)
● Pie Face Quiche Lorraine, wedges and coleslaw (743 cals)
● Red Rooster Flayva wrap (660 cals)
● Mad Mex Slow-roasted pork, guacamole, salsa, brown rice, beans and jalapeno burrito (757 cals)
● SumoSalad Teriyaki salmon and snow pea Sumo bowl (521 cals)
On-The-Go Options AMBER:
● Hungry Jack’s Peri peri cheeseburger (349 cals)
● SumoSalad Large fragrant Vietnamese chicken salad (340 cals)
● Red Rooster Flathead fish meal (412 cals)
● Pie Face Spinach and cheese roll (347 cals)
● KFC Zinger burger (416 cals)
● Subway Six-inch meatball sub (413 cals)
On-The-Go Options AMBER:
● McDonald’s Warm chicken salad (179 cals)
● Mad Mex Naked burrito with slow roasted beef, tomato salsa, greens, nacho cheese and jalapenos (194 cals)
● Subway Veggie Delite six-inch sub (210 cals)
● SumoSalad Regular pepper-smoked Tassie salmon salad (214 cals)
● Red Rooster Classic chicken salad (140 cals)
Chocolate and chips? Oh, my! You can choose three treats from this list per week. Go ahead and thank us later!
With some diets, you have to spend all week starving yourself so you're allowed a treat at the weekend. But with the No-Diet Diet, you can have up to three treats a week - and you can choose from sweet, savoury and drink options. Remember, you can have unlimited amounts of water, black tea and black coffee while you're doing the plan, too.
Snacks include:
● Giant Freddo Frog 35g 184 cals
● Flake 30g 162 cals
● Kit Kat 45g 117 cals
● 3 Unibic Anzac Biscuits 181 cals
● 3 Arnott’s Milk Arrowroot Biscuits 106 cals
● 2 Chocolate Tim Tams 190 cals
● 2 Arnott’s Mint Slices 162 cals
● ½ Bakers Delight Pink Finger Bun 144 cals
● 1 Donut King Iced Cake Donut 196 cals
● Bubble O’ Bill 159 cals
● Chobani Coconut Yoghurt 129 cals
● Grain Waves Sour Cream & Chives 175g 133 cals
● Red Rock Deli Honey Soy Chicken Chips 165g 137 cals
● Cheezels 110g 132 cals
● Pringles Original 150g 131 cals
● Moove Chocolate Flavoured Milk 300ml 210 cals
● Nudie Mango Juice Crushie 250ml 155 cals
Or make your own DIY Treats! Substitute any of these for any snack.
Recipes include:
Alcoholic Drinks:
Any one of the drinks below counts as one of the three treats you’re allowed per week. Swap one red meal for an amber meal (once a week only) and you can add two extra drinks to your allowance that week.
● Medium dry white wine 127 cals per 175ml glass
● Gin and diet tonic 52 cals per measure
● Corona 147 cals per bottle
● Red wine 119 cals per 175ml glass
● Sparkling wine 87 cals per 125ml glass
● Bacardi and Diet Coke 52 cals per measure
● Carlton Draught 167 cals per schooner
● Tooheys New 141 cals per bottle
Just 10 minutes a day, three times a week will make a huge difference!
Improve your results by adding exercise to your plan. Just 10 minutes a day, three times a week will make a difference. Aim for a combination of resistance and cardio, such as a high intensity circuit – it’ll help your body burn more calories in the 24 hours after you’ve worked out, too.

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