‘Miracle’ conjoined twins celebrate 10th birthday after not being expected to live past ONE DAY

Human anatomy truly is an extraordinary thing.
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Yesterday, twin sisters Tatiana and Krista Hogan celebrated their 10th birthdays. And while, for some kids, turning 10 means being in double-digits and getting their ears (finally!) pierced, for Tatiana and Krista, their 10th birthday marks a monumental health miracle.

This is because Tatiana and Krista are conjoined at the head and weren’t expected to live past just ONE DAY after being born back in 2007.

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According to CBC, who documented that days leading up to the girls’ 10th birthday, Tatiana and Krista are a medical phenomenon.

Neurologically connected, doctors have discovered that Tatiana can see out of Krista’s eyes (Krista can see out of one of Tatiana’s eyes).

They also share touch and taste senses, plus, Tatiana controls three of their arms and a leg, while Krista controls three legs and an arm.

Even though the girls’ school teachers are pleasantly surprised with their eagerness to learn, as well as their academic progress (and we’re equally impressed with their tandem bike-riding and tobogganing abilities), life isn’t always smiles and playtime for the twins.

Both little girls suffer from epileptic fits along with diabetes. And even though the two are described as having very distinct and colourful personalities, Krista does have a temper and, at times, can become aggressive.

Fortunately for Tatiana and Krista, they are surrounded by a loving, multi-generational family who work together as a family to provide the best, most comfortable life for the girls: their parents, Felicia and Brendan Hogan, the girls three other siblings and grandparents, Louise and Doug McKay.

Here’s wishing these young troopers the very best for their next 10 years and beyond!

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