Formerly conjoined twins beat the odds, but two years after separating they’re living ‘day by day’

And their single mum is struggling to cope.

The chances of their survival was always very slim, but formerly conjoined twins Journee and Miracle Brooks lived up to their inspirational names and they survived. Now two years after the triumphant operation to separate them, the twins and their single mother are struggling to cope.

It was a very complex delivery that brought the miracle babies into the world. The sisters were born conjoined twins, joined at the chest, abdomen and liver and even sharing some of the same heart structures.

At Just 7-weeks-old conjoined twins Journee and Miracle were operated on to be separated.

Doctors at Norton Children’s Hospital in Louisville were not sure if the two could be separated, but at just 7-weeks-old, the tiny babies were successfully separated during an eight hour operation.

Conjoined twins occur every one and 200,000 births, but only 35 per cent of these twins survive more than one day. Miracle and Journee beat those odds and they’ve survived to celebrate their second birthday.

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Single mum Jasmine Brooks gave Miracle her name because, at that time, she was the twin that had the lower chance of survival. But, little Miracle lived up to her moniker and she is now at home with her mum thanks to the help of important medical devices and medical staff who visit their house. Meanwhile, her sister Journee is still in hospital waiting for her chance to come home.

“I can’t wait to bring my other daughter home,” Jasmine told WDRB.

The little girls beat all the odds and have just celebrated their second birth, but sadly, the family is struggling to cope with the endless medical costs.

While it’s believed Journee is now able to return home to join her family, Jasmine will need to hire two more nurses to care for her. It’s a cost she just can’t afford at this time. Both girls are without a sternum meaning they need to be on a ventilator in order to breathe. They are also unable to eat on their own.

Single mum Jasmine says she has struggled to hold-down a job while caring for her daughters, but she hopes to return to work soon.

The Kentucky mother admits it hasn’t been easy to hold-down jobs while her girls need full-time care. While she is keeping positive for her daughters future’s, she says covering the financial costs involved in their care is very difficult.

“We’re living day by day,” said Jasmine, who hopes to return to work once she has Journee at home and cared for.

The family have set up a GoFundMe page to share their story and kindly ask for donations to cover the twins medical expenses.

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