Bert Newton leaves hospital after suffering from pneumonia

Take it easy, Bert!

By Bella Brennan
Showbiz legend Bert Newton is finally on the mend after being rushed to hospital last week with pneumonia.
“About 18 months ago I had a severe bout of pneumonia, and felt the same symptoms about ten days ago,” the 78-year-old explained to 9News.
Before adding with his trademark grin, "I wasn't close to death, although on a couple of occasions I almost felt it."
The father-of-two initially fell sick after catching a chest infection off his granddaughter Lola, which landed him in Melbourne's Epworth hospital for four days after it turned into the more serious lung infection.
"Because they love one another and they were hugging and kissing, I thought it won't be long [til he catches it," wife Patti told 9News.
Bert insists after days of bed rest and visits from his family - including his four grandkids - he's feeling much better.
The adored entertainer will be closely monitored by his doctor for the next few weeks.
In 2012, the star underwent quadruple heart bypass surgery.