Strap in, there's a trending shoe you're about to wear all summer - so we found 10 of the best on the market

The epitome of easy and breezy.

By Jess Pullar
Look sharp Australia - summer is coming in hot (quite literally) and it's high time to prepare your wardrobe.
Of course, summer dresses, lightweight denim and linen, well, everything, will no doubt be first on your go-to list.
But when it comes to our humble tootsies (AKA, our feet...), there's a whole world of options on the market that'll have you comfortably padding the pavements in no time.
While 2020 has been somewhat of a figurative Eton Mess considering the curveball mentality the universe appears to have adopted, there's still plenty of basic human functions we're keeping calm and carrying on with.
One of those is covering our feet with some chic footwear - though of course, the distinct lack of outings we've had this year might have led to some slight confusion as to what's actually on trend.
But look no further, dear reader - shoes are an important consideration for anyone who's looking to rack up some decent Kms this summer.
And while you might just think whacking on a pair of cheap sandals and skipping to the beach is the best option, there are some refreshingly stylish options that not only boast quality, but they'll also give you some much needed support.
Keep scrolling as we look at the best summer shoes on the market this summer.