Jeans, nice top, full wallet: The best denim styles under $100 on the market right now

A flare, a mom, a skinny and a straight walk into a bar...

By Jess Pullar
Whether you're a bell-bottom gal or a straight and skinny-leg legend, you can guarantee there'll be a pair of jeans out there that'll suit you.
The only dilemma here is where to actually find the darn things.
If you're in the familiar pickle, we've got some good news for you.
In a year where curveballs have been thrown left right and centre, one very solid silver lining has emerged from 2020 and landed smack bang in every beloved clothing store we frequent - a refreshed collection of denims - and you can bet there's a style for everyone.
We were ready for it - and boy have we been delivered the goods.
While the skinny leg had a serious hey-day in those early years of the 2010s, it looks like the early 20s are bringing back a little nostalgia when it comes to denim.
From 80s-esque flares and bell-bottoms and to the grungy 90s straight leg, we're seeing jeans of all shapes and sizes grace the side-walks.
Of course, not all denims come cheap, which is why selecting a great pair of trousers can result in a slight budget dilemma.
That's why we thought it supremely pertinent to celebrate our 2020 denim dreams by finding you the very best denim styles on the market ... under $100.
Yep, strap yourselves in and keep scrolling for our favourite picks from these affordable brands - all you'll need now is a nice top.