Royal rewears: 14 times the royals recycled their best outfits just like us

Duchess Catherine, Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Anne and Meghan Markle prove it's chic to repeat your favourite fashion pieces.

Duchess Catherine has never been afraid to wear the same outfit twice. Some may call her thrifty, but when the mum-of-three reaches to the back of her wardrobe for a trusted garment, she does it like a pro.
In fact, Duchess Kate isn't the only royal who re-wears her looks. Her aunt-in-law Princess Anne also opts to wear her most favourite pieces time again - and we all know how fashion forward she's remained throughout the years.
In addition, Meghan Markle has proven she doesn't need a new outfit for every event. She's worn her favourite pair of box-leg trousers twice - and she's also not afraid to mix up the old with the new.
Here we take style tips from the fashionable royals, who remind us it's chic to repeat again, and again, and again.
Duchess Catherine proves she's a supporter of sustainable fashion as she re-wears Alexander McQueen coat-dress to Harry and Meghan's wedding. (Images: Getty)