Why Loot Season Two is ‘tastier’ than ever before

Who could resist the hilarious life of a billionaire divorcee?
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After a very messy and public divorce, Molly Wells’ (Maya Rudolph) returns in the season two of Loot where she is thriving on her own with the support of her friends.

Bringing to life the extreme positives without diving too deep into the negative, we watch Molly don fabulous and over-the-top clothes all the while juggling her work as the head of her philanthropic organisation, Wells Foundation.

loot season 2
Nat Faxon plays Arthur (right).
(Image: Apple TV+)

While Molly might be the protagonist, it is also the characters that surround her that make the show binge-worthy. Michaela Jae Rodriguez returns as Sofia Salinas to work alongside the iconic actress –  a duo she refers to as “oil and vinegar.”

“We do see growth in Molly and Sophia in this season. This is my favorite kind of terminology for them – oil and vinegar,” she admits to TV Week. “That’s a really tasty kind of partnership. Can’t have one without the other.”

“And I think that’s what happens [in season two]. They become a really tasty duo and we get to see them teach each other in ways that I don’t think they would have ever thought before.”

loot season 2
Michaela plays Sofia (right).
(Image: Apple TV+)

But the defining factor which makes these characters so relatable and hilarious, is the actors intertwining their own “personal lives” and “mannerisms”.

“Everyone has their own point of view on this show, which makes having scenes with each other very enjoyable because everybody is very distinct,” Nat Faxon, who returns as Arthur, shares.

“There’s no two characters that can say the same thing. They all have their own voice and so, my scenes with Sophia are so different from my scenes with Ron, with Nicholas, and with Molly.”

loot season 2
Loot S2 premieres April 3.
(Image: Apple TV+)

The second season of the Apple TV+ comedy Loot gives viewers a deeper insight into the characters personal lives and “vulnerability.”

“We get to see a little more of them struggle with what they’re opening themselves up to and that includes love, and relationships, family, and finances,” Nat says. “But you get a little glimpse into each character’s bumpy road in terms of trying to figure those things out.”

The second season of Loot is available for streaming on Apple TV+ in Australia, premiering April 3, 2024.

Stream Loot on Apple TV+ from $12.99/mth, with a 7-day free trial.

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