Calling the sci-fi fans! Here is where you can watch the Dune movies in Australia

Who could resist war, enormous sandworms and Zendaya?
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The universe in which Dune exists is intricate, unforgiving and hostile – but the story of those residing and fighting on Arrakis has captivated the globe.

Dune: Part One and the newly released Dune: Part Two are adaptations of Frank Herbert’s sci-fi novels, which he was initially rejected by over 20 publishing houses before Chilton accepted him.

zendaya rebecca ferguson dune
Zendaya and Rebecca Ferguson in Dune: Part Two.
(Image: Warner Bros)

The plot follows a distant universe, where rival houses are all under the rule of the emperor. The most valuable resource in this universe is spice mélange, a hallucinogenic powder needed for interstellar travel, only found in the harsh desert of Arrakis.

While the many twist, turns, characters, plots and overall world-building can be difficult to follow, the cast and beautiful display of the ‘Arrakis’ desert have enticed countless viewers.

With Dune: Part Two being released in Australia on February 29, 2024, it is only right we rewatch Dune: Part One. Continue scrolling for all the details on the franchise.

Where to watch Dune: Part One in Australia

The first instalment of the Dune franchise, which was released in 2021, is available to stream on Apple TV+ in Australia.

Stream Dune: Part One now on Apple TV+ with a 7 day free trial. Subscribe here.

Where to watch Dune: Part Two in Australia

Pull those curtains and grab some popcorn, Australian’s can now watch the second instalment from the comfort of their own homes. Dune: Part Two is available for streaming on Apple TV+ in Australia.

Stream Dune: Part Two now on Apple TV+ with a 7 day free trial. Subscribe here.

Or if the cinematic feel is more your viewing-style, Dune: Part Two is still available to watch at the cinemas.

What is the plot for Dune: Part One?

Initially under the control of House Harkonnen, the planet Arrakis has been transferred to House Atreides. Where we meet Paul Atreides, the son and heir of Duke Leto Atreides and Lady Jessica.

The family are quickly undone by a betrayal, suffering heavy losses. With Paul and Jessica on the run when they encounter a small group of Fremen – the habitants of Arrakis.

timothee chalamet dune
Timothee Chalamet returns as Paul in Dune: Part Two.
(Image: Warner Bros)

What is the plot for Dune: Part Two?

Following on from the first, viewers follow Paul Atreides and the Fremen as they fight to reclaim their land before it’s too late. In doing so, Paul and his mother intertwine themselves to the Fremen way of life.

While we won’t tease too much about the second film, the movie trailer promises war and more terrifying scenes of the Shai-Hulud – the huge sandworms travelling underneath the planet’s surface.

WATCH: The trailer for Dune: Part Two below.

Who is the cast?

Portraying protagonist Paul is Timothee Chalamet, with Rebecca Ferguson as his mother, both of which return for Dune: Part Two.

Among the actors who were seen in Part One including Jason Momoa and Oscar Isaac.

The actors who have portrayed characters in both films including Josh Brolin (Gurney Halleck), Javier Bardem (Stilgar), Stellan Skarsgard (Baron Vladimir Harkonnen), Zendaya (Chani), Dave Bautista (Beast Rabban).

New additions to Dune: Part Two include Florence Pugh (Princess Irulan), Austin Bulter (Feyd-Rautha) and Lea Seydoux (Lady Margot Fenring).

Want to read the Dune novels?

The Dune novels by Frank Herbert are available online via Booktopia. To purchase, click here.

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