A third and final Downton Abbey movie has been confirmed

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Downton Abbey has become a worldwide phenomenon since it first appeared on screens in Australia in 2011.

The beloved TV show ran for six seasons and was also developed into two feature films in 2019 and 2022. Now, it’s been confirmed that a third and final instalment of the series is in development!

Downton Abbey follows a fictional family, the Crawleys, who live in an English country estate in the early 1900s.

The series depicts the lives of both the Crawley family and their servants, chronicling the effects that the events of the time period have on them.

The franchise has been widely praised and critically acclaimed, with the series earning 16 Primetime Emmy Awards in addition to four Screen Actors Guild Awards, three Golden Globe Awards and one BAFTA.

Meanwhile, the movie of the same name has also been nominated for countless accolades.

Downton Abbey cast.
The show ran for six seasons. (Image: BINGE)

Is Downton Abbey doing a 7th season?

It’s currently unknown whether the Downton Abbey series is returning for a seventh season.

Considering season six aired in 2016, it’s highly unlikely that the show will produce a seventh season more than eight years later.

Additionally, the two movies, Downton Abbey and Downton Abbey: A New Era, have been filmed and released since season six aired and thus it seems the creators are focusing more on the full-length films instead.

The cast of the Downton Abbey movie.

Is there a 3rd Downton Abbey movie?

It has been confirmed by Universal Pictures, Focus Features and Carnival Films that Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes has written the third instalment of the franchise.

It was also revealed that many of the original cast members, including Hugh Bonneville and Elizabeth McGovern, will be returning for the new movie.

Cast member Imelda Staunton originally let it slip that a third movie was in the works in March 2024.

“There will be the final film; there you go,” Imelda told The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show.

Host Zoe Ball replied, “That’s quite significant. I hope this revelation hasn’t landed you in hot water,” to which Imelda hilariously stated, “I don’t care.”

There has been much speculation about a third film being made, ever since the second film was released in 2022.

The cast of Downton Abbey
The franchise is much-loved and critically acclaimed.

Where is Downton Abbey located?

The main filming location of Downton Abbey is Highclere Castle in Hampshire, England, where the castle acts as the iconic house.

The site has become extremely popular thanks to the show, with fans flocking to the English countryside for a taste of life as a Crawley.

Why is it called Downton Abbey?

The name Downton Abbey comes from the show creator Julian Fellowes’ family background.

Julian was fascinated with his great-grandfather’s life as an experimental agriculturalist, where he had an estate in Wiltshire called Charford Manor.

“I thought of calling the series Charford Abbey, but we decided it was too near Cranford, and so we settled on ‘Downton’ after Downton College of Agriculture which [his great-grandfather] founded in 1880 and which, for a quarter of a century, was at the forefront of agricultural innovation,” Julian told The Star in 2016.

Downton Abbey third movie
A third movie has been confirmed.

Where can I watch Downton Abbey in Australia?

Downton Abbey is available to watch and stream on multiple platforms in Australia.

The Downton Abbey series is available on both BINGE and Prime Video.

  • Stream Downton Abbey on BINGE from $10/mth, with a 7-day free trial.
  • Stream Downton Abbey on Prime Video from $9.99/mth, with a 30-day free trial.

The Downton Abbey film is available on both BINGE and Paramount Plus.

  • Stream Downton Abbey on BINGE from $10/mth, with a 7-day free trial.
  • Stream Downton Abbey on Paramount Plus from $9.99/mth, with a 7-day free trial.

The sequel film, Downton Abbey: A New Era is available on Paramount Plus.

  • Stream Downton Abbey: A New Era on Paramount Plus from $9.99/mth, with a 7-day free trial.

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