Wentworth finale bombshell: who killed Kaz?

We examine the list of suspects ahead of the big reveal.
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It’s been a killer season for the TV WEEK Logie Award winning drama Wentworth. But it isn’t over just yet as we prepare for what may be one of the biggest episodes yet.

Fan favourite Kaz (Tammy MacIntosh) has been brutally murdered and the finale is promising answers.

Ahead of the reveal we investigate our top suspects…


The finger has been pointed at Wentworth‘s new Top Dog since day one, suspicions raised further by the fact that Kaz (Tammy MacIntosh) wrote the initial “M” in blood as she lay dying. Not only did Marie (Susie Porter) have the most to gain from Kaz’s death – by becoming the new Top Dog – she also discovered Kaz knew of her love affair with Will, and also the existence of her “Rock spider” dirt file. But is Marie really the person responsible for Kaz’s fate?


The knowledge that he was responsible for Joan “The Freak” Ferguson’s (Pamela Rabe) death has been a heavy burden for Will (Robbie Magasiva). So far, he’s kept his emotions in check, thanks to his busy new role as acting governor. He’s also blocked out the pain via his affair with Marie. But could all his buried rage have bubbled to the surface? After all, Kaz knew about him and Marie – just how far is he willing to go to save himself?


We all know Kosta (Artemis Ioannides) had her eye on becoming Top Dog. We also know the inmate was controlling the flow of drugs into the prison via her drone scheme. Did she kill Kaz to take back control of her business interests? Getting transferred to the laundry was just the first step in her quest for control – was this part of her plan all along? And does she have more moves up her sleeve?


The prison guard has always been on the take, wrangling clandestine deals with the inmates for financial gain. But is under-the-radar Linda (Jacquie Brennan) guilty of something far more sinister? And could she be mixed up in Kaz’s death as part of a conspiracy far bigger than we could have ever imagined? After all, it’s often the quiet ones…


Remember her? She was the new inmate who ruffled feathers when she joined H Block earlier in the season. It transpired Stang’s (Morganna O’Reilly) brother had been brutally bashed and confined to a wheelchair after Kaz’s extremist group, The Red Right Hand, wrongly identified him as an abuser. Ruby (Rarriwuy Hick) took the rap for her misdemeanour charges, effectively getting her transferred, but someone could have acted on her orders? Fans may suspect there’s more to this story.


Like Linda, Brody (Rick Donald) has been openly playing the system for financial gain since arriving in Wentworth, running drugs for Marie and pulling strings on the outside for her via his association with corrupt Attorney General Michael Heaton (David Downer). We know he’s capable of some seriously suspect behaviour, but could he have been responsible for Kaz’s murder?


Poor old Liz, she’s been having a rough time of late. Could it be that she’s actually the one responsible for Kaz’s death? After all, Liz (Celia Ireland) “confessed” to the killing in an earlier episode… could it turn out that she was, in fact, responsible all along? After all, her medication, prescribed by dishy Dr Miller (David De Lautour), has been making her psychotic? Could that be the real reason for her outburst?

The Wentworth season finale airs Tuesday July 30th at 8.30pm (AEST) on FOX Showcase.

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