Plot Teaser: Wentworth’s second-to-last episode will leave you gasping

Franky Doyle returns in this jaw-dropping episode...

Just when you thought Wentworth couldn't get more thrilling, this week's penultimate episode will have you on the edge of your seat. In fact – it might be the best of the series to date!
With Marie Winter's (Susie Porter) sentencing appeal hanging by a thread thanks to the intervention of corrupt Director of Public Prosecutions Michael Heston (David Downer), things have become more fraught for the incarcerated crime matriarch.
She has more to lose than ever, and is determined to go to any lengths to be exonerated, including potentially risking the life of one of Wentworth's most loved inmates.
Marie knows only too well the walls are closing in. Not only have the women turned on her now they know she's the one likely responsible for Kaz's (Tammy MacIntosh) death, Vera (Kate Atkinson) makes a shock discovery.
What does she find out?
Did Marie kill Kaz?
Meanwhile, as things are unravelling upstairs, life is just as chaotic in the cells as Liz's (Celia Ireland) mental health deteriorates dramatically.
In a desperate attempt to hide the true extent of her illness from son Artie (Louis Corbett), Liz persuades Dr Miller (David De Lautour) to increase her medication – but could it do more harm than good?
Jake (Bernard Curry) is also becoming increasingly concerned for Linda (Jacquie Brennan), realising she's still being manipulated by Sean Brody (Rick Donald) through her gambling debt.
Liz's health is deteriorating.
The various storylines combine in the most sudden and unexpected of ways, leading to events no-one will see coming – and that will have lasting ramifications.
This shocking episode is not to be missed, especially when you consider it also involves the return of a fan favourite!
It's been a while since we've seen her in teal. But this week, fans are in for a treat as former inmate, Franky Doyle (Nicole da Silva) makes a dramatic re-entrance to Wentworth.
And if you think you're getting any more info out of us, you're mistaken. You'll just have to watch!
Franky makes a dramatic return to Wentworth!
Wentworth continues Tuesday, July 23, 8.30pm (AEST), on FOX Showcase.

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