The Bachelor’s Sian shares her side of the story

There is one person she was very sorry to leave behind, but it wasn’t Matty.
Sian Kelly The Bachelor Australia 2017

On Wednesday night’s episode of The Bachelor Australia, Sian had a meltdown. The stressful situation became too much for the 24-year-old retail assistant from Western Australia.

“I don’t like him. I’m better than him – I’m better than this. I’m leaving,” she said through tears on the show.

However, Sian then had the chance to talk through her feelings with Matty, who encouraged her to make the decision that was right for her. Sian chose to stay. Though unfortunately, it wasn’t for long.

Shortly after their chat, Matty stopped the rose ceremony, took Sian outside away from the other contestants and asked her to leave.

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Sian tells TV WEEK that at the time she felt relief.

“I wasn’t shocked,” she says. “I was sort of relieved but at the same time I wasn’t expecting it after the conversation we had.”

Sian is glad she had the opportunity to explain how she was feeling.

“I don’t have too much regret about what I said to him. However, I would have changed the way I acted and wouldn’t have given up and said that I wanted to leave.”

While she didn’t have a chance to develop a strong bond with Matty, she was sorry to leave Tara behind.

“We were each other’s rocks,” she tells TV WEEK. “We connected on such a huge level and had the same sense of humour. We thought we were hilarious.

“I knew I was going to miss her, and not being able to talk to her made me sad. It was nice to know the other girls comforted her when I left.”

Despite the drama and scheming we’ve seen on the show this season, Sian does believe that most of the remaining girls are all there to find love.

“The majority are there for the right reasons,” she says.

Natalie, who also left the show last night agrees.

“I would definitely like to think so!” Natalie tells TV WEEK. “It’s a big thing to pop your life on hold to go through an experience like this. I think they were all there for the right reasons.”

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