Meet the ladies of The Bachelor 2017

Matty J’s bachelorette’s reveal just how they plan on winning his heart.
The Bachelor 2017

Who will win his heart?

Meet the 22 single ladies hoping to win Matty J’s heart on this season of The Bachelor Australia.

This year’s batch of bachelorette’s come from a very diverse range of backgrounds. We have a body painter, coal-plant operator and even a gymnastics coach!

TV WEEK can confirm that Matty has indeed found ‘the one’.

“Yes, I’m very happy,” he admits.

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Matty was so impressed, he struggled to send someone home each week, worried he might make the wrong decision.

“On night one [after meeting the girls], 
I was like, ‘This is amazing. This is such an incredible bunch of women.’”

Find out how each of these lucky ladies plan to make a good impression on opening night of The Bachelor Australia.

The Bachelor Australia premieres Wednesday, July 26.

Monica 26, VIC, Medical receptionist: “There’s no other way besides being yourself.”

Alix, 24, NSW, Body Painter: “No plan, except be myself.”

Cobie, 30, QLD, Coal-plant operator: “I’m just going to wing it.”

Florence, 27, Vic, Brand Manager: “I’m planning to give Matty the best of me.”

Elise, 29, WA, Marketing Executive: “I’m just going to be my warm and witty self.”

The Bachelor's Leah

Leah, 22, VIC, Architecture student: “I plan on showing Matty how much fun building a life with me would be.”

Lisa, 25, VIC, Model: “If we click, we click, if we don’t there’s plenty of fish in the sea.”

Michelle, 31, SA, Police Officer: “I’m going to show Matty I’m here for the right reasons.”

Stephanie, 23, WA, Safety Administrator: “I don’t really have a game plan.”

Stacey, 26, QLD, Gym instructor: “With my charm and personality.”

Akoulina, 29, QLD, Gymnastics coach: “I don’t plan on winning.”

Belinda, 34, QLD, Love Coach: “I want Matty to see me for me.”

Elizabeth, 31, NSW, Property Executive: “I’ll cook him one of my famous dinners.”

Elora, 27, NSW, Fitness Trainer: “I hope to embody Matty’s fantasy.”

Laura, 31, NSW, Accessories Designer: “With my terrible puns and dance moves.”

Jennifer, 27, NSW, Marketing Manager: “Just being myself – If that doesn’t work our relationship would be pretty doomed anyway.”

Natalie, 26, SA, Midwife: “Hopefully I can make him laugh.”

Sharlene, 25, VIC, Wedding planner: “By being my adventurous, funny, loving and energetic self.”

Tara, 27, QLD, Nanny: “I am so easy going. If it’s meant to be it will be.”

Simone Ormesher The Bachelor

Simone, 25, VIC, Office administrator: “Being completely myself and if that is not enough, then it is just not meant to be.”

Sian, 24, WA, Retail Assistant: “I have no idea. I’ve never been in this situation.”

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