We recap episode five of The Bachelor Australia

Florence gets a rose, Jen gets a rose, Laura gets a rose and SOMEONE gets the flick.
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Five episodes in to The Bachelor Australia 2017 and the stress is clearly getting to Matty. We can’t really blame him. In tonight’s episode he had to jump off a building, go on a group date with two women who clearly didn’t want to be there and deal with a Bachie mansion meltdown. Here’s how it all went down…

Florence (or Olena 2.0 if you prefer) got her first one-on-one date with Matty. To be honest, she didn’t seem thrilled to be there from the beginning, dropping a casual, “It’s a two-way street, who says that I’m interested in Matty, with all due respect.” Though judging by her tone, there was very little respect, really.

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Things don’t get off to a great start when Matty suggests they jump off a building together. If it wasn’t obvious before, it’s obvious that Florence doesn’t want to be there and really doesn’t want to jump off a building with a complete stranger.

Matty: Do you trust me?

Florence: Hell no.

Happily they both survive the fall, and the adrenaline does wonders for Florence’s personality.

Nothing like a brush with death to make you feel alive!

Things go from dangerous to dangerously cheesy, as Matty takes Florence to get a cast of their hands (vom). Florence can barely keep her eye rolls on the sly.

“Weird” and “cheesy” probably wasn’t the vibe Matty was after.

After a frank yet brief discussion about feelings, Matty goes in for a pash.

It’s the only positive of the date for Florence, who goes straight back in for some more after receiving a rose.

Next up Osher arrived at the mansion with another Bachie bombshell. There’s about to be a two-on-one date and the girls literally can’t even.

Liz and Jen are the lucky ladies set to battle to the death, er, we mean to win Matty’s heart.

Jen is thrilled at the prospect of spending more time with Matty…

The date goes as well as expected. Jen flirts hard. Liz looks sour. Matty looks bored.

“No, really. I’m having, like, so much fun right now.”

During their one-on-one chat, Liz admits she’s not planning on having children immediately and it’s enough for Matty to give her the boot. Jen is really sad to see Liz go…

Bye, Felicia.

Back at Bachie mansion, things are heating up pre-cocktail party. Sian, remember Sian? (Don’t worry, neither do we) is having a full-on meltdown.

When life give you lemons – eat them.

It’s a classic UnReal moment. Producers are on camera trying to coax her out of the bathroom, there are tears, there is swearing – there is D.R.A.M.A.

Sian gets a “special chat” with Matty, who looks like he’d rather be anywhere else in the world. Sian keeps saying she wants to leave, but it doesn’t have anything to do with him. But she doesn’t end up leaving. And it clearly has everything to do with him.

Cue the rose ceremony and things are TENSE. Matty’s brow is so furrowed it’s practically inverted. The girls can sense his distress. Sian looks like she’s sucking on 10,000 lemons.

Matty picks up a rose… AND HE PUTS IT BACK DOWN. What could this mean? Guess we’ll find out tomorrow night…

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