Sharlene Boguslavsky Mik walks out of The Bachelor Australia 2017

Matty J, YOU do not get her rose...
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Talk about a plot twist!

While Elora Murger may be off gallivanting with Matty J on a SECOND single date, for The Bachelor Australia 2017’s Sharlene Boguslavsky Mik, she’d had enough.

The 26-year-old decided things weren’t coming up roses, and taking matters into her own hands, Sharlene has left the Bachie mansion.

We chatted to the gutsy Victorian about her shock decision and her time on the hit Channel Ten dating show.

Sharlene, 26, VIC

Mic drop! Sharlene stormed out of the Bachie mansion.

What was going through your mind when you decided to leave?

I had just gotten to point in the house where I was really wondering why I was still there and why I had spent such little time with Matty.

It became really hard to keep going, without seeing a light at the end of the tunnel or to get some reassurance.

I think I was seeking something to help justify why I was there. The waiting game does become really hard.

How did Matty react

I didn’t really say to Matty that I didn’t want to be in the house but I did ask him where things were heading for us and if he felt we had anything. He was actually really honest about how he felt.

I guess I was confused about why I kept receiving a rose after each cocktail party. At the same time my emotions were all over the shop and I was like ‘Thank you so much for being so honest and saying that we have no romantic connection. But then I was like hang on, what am I doing here?’

I just thought to myself, there’s no point going to the rose ceremony. I collected my thoughts and came to the conclusion that the best thing to do was to just leave. At the end of the day, it was for the best. You’re never going to have a relationship with someone if the feelings aren’t mutual.

“I think I was seeking something to help justify why I was there. The waiting game does become really hard.”

Had you been thinking about leaving for some time?

I spoke to Michelle and basically said I didn’t know how much longer I could do this for without knowing where I stand. It was coming to the end of the cocktail party and I didn’t know if I could it for another week.

Leaving took courage. It’s not something that usually happens and it’s not an option the girls really think about. It felt gutsy and I’m really glad I did it. I would have wanted that outcome, rather than stay another week and then not get a rose.

Was Matty the guy for you?

I think I needed more time with him to really see if he was someone for me. On the exterior, he looks lovely and he has great manners but I don’t actually know Matty. It’s hard to make that call.

There’s more to a relationship than what you look like.

“I think I needed more time with him to really see if he was someone for me,” she says of Matty J.

Did you enjoy your time in the house?

The experience was fantastic. I met some amazing people, particularly behind the scenes in hair and makeup and I just had the best time.

Best moment

I think Florence was one of the highlights from my time in the mansion. She is so funny – she has such a Dutch sense of humour. We understood each other with our similar backgrounds [Sharlene is Russian].

We just had so much in common, culturally. We shared a room and it was just really fun.

Who were you closest to in the house?

I message the girls from time to time, but I’m closest to Michelle and Florence.

“The experience was fantastic. I met some amazing people,” she reveals.

Is it as catty as it seems?

There’s always people that won’t get along with each other. There’s 22 women in the one house – and they wouldn’t necessarily be friends on the outside. There were disagreements. I wouldn’t say it was catty or feisty it was more like certain people didn’t gel with others.

Do you have any regrets?

I think it went so well and everything happened as it should have.

Are you currently dating?

I haven’t stopped being active in the dating scene. I’m not on tinder anymore. I’ve had some really great experiences and I’m really happy with where I’m at right now.

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Who do you think will win?

I think while I was in the house, I really felt like Elise was front-runner. I haven’t really seen the girls with Matty, on their own. In the house it was Elise but watching it on screen I look at Laura and Tara and think they have a strong connection with him.

Would you recommend people to do the Bachelor

If you want to do the show, then you should go for it. It’s a great experience and you’ll meet some amazing people.

And if you could sum up your Bachie experience in one word


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