EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelor Matty J spills his baby secrets to OK!

Matty J says being an uncle has only made him more excited to tackle fatherhood, diaper changing and everything in between!

By Carrissa Lawrie
From bottle-feeding to baby names, Matty J has exclusively spoken to OK! about wanting a Bachelor Australia bub and our ovaries just can’t deal!

“Matty’s always wanted kids and that’s been a really important part of his life,” Matty's older sister Kate shared.
“Seeing him with George [Matty's nephew] – he’d be a great dad," the 31-year-old added.
Speaking of which, George is pretty much captain of the ‘Matty Fan Club’ at the moment. However, he may need some practice sharing the title with his new brother or sister.
Matty is best buds with nephew George.
“I’m so excited to have another nephew or niece,” Matty gushed.
“I found out while I was filming! They’ve kept the sex a surprise this time around so I can’t wait to meet him/her.”
Matty feels that he’s a bit of a natural with the little ones, crediting his mum Ellie’s teaching background for that.

“I think I’ve always been good with kids,” he added, mentioning a classroom cameo he once made at his mum’s work.
“I got to have a little session with her class, it was fun," he recounted. "I guess [being around kids] is something that kind of comes naturally.”

For more on baby names and snaps of mini Matty as a cheeky tyke, pick up the latest issue of OK! magazine on sale now.
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