WATCH: Sophie Monk makes a toast to herself in a packed restaurant for hilarious prank

We don't know whether to laugh or cringe.
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The Bachelorette’s Sophie Monk has made a career on being the jokester who loves to make fun of herself, and yesterday she outdid herself.

Teaming up with KIIS FM’s Jackie O, Sophie was forced to do some pretty cringe-worthy things for a camera prank. The radio host spoke to Sophie through an ear piece and told her to say everything she did while in a restaurant – and the result was hilarious.

After being seated at her table (not without doing a twirl first), her behaviour got a little diva-like.

Sophie taking selfies

Jackie got the former Bardot singer to take selfies and ask the waiter if he thought she was “prettier in real life or on TV” and “Out of 10, what would you rate me?”

You could tell the poor bloke was squirming under the pressure!

“Oh my god he’s the nicest person in the world … he just accepts that I’m a diva,” Sophie whispered to Jackie O as he walked away.

She proceeded to flirt with the waiter (and Sophie’s partner Stu Laundy was nowhere in sight), telling him how he attractive he was while rubbing his shoulder, and getting him to blow bubbles into a glass of water with her. (Seriously, we’re not making this stuff up.)

But the greatest moment of the prank was when she got everyone’s attention and proposed a toast… to herself.

“I want to make a toast, cheers to Sophie Monk!,” the reality star yelled.

So. Funny. (You can watch the full clip above!)

Sophie and Stu have been under plenty of scrutiny since The Bachelorette finale aired, with speculations that the two have split.

Speaking with The Daily Telegraph, Stu, 44, said the couple have been taking it slow, but they’re very much an item.

“Realistically, in simple terms I have been dating Soph for a couple of months.

“What sort of couple who have been dating that long get asked walking down the street about kids, marriage, the future? It is very early days. There are no future plans, we are just a couple starting out in a relationship and very happy with each other.”

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