Sophie Monk reveals all the secrets of The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette revealed a few major truth bombs in a Facebook live today.
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It’s been almost two weeks since Sophie Monk gave her final rose to Stu Laundy on the finale of The Bachelorette Australia, breaking the heart of runner-up Jarrod Woodgate.

And ever since, the happy couple have been met with controversy that they’re not together.

Appearing on the Huff Post Facebook Live this afternoon with former Today host Lisa Wilkinson, Sophie set out to dispel the rumours and let out a few truth bombs about the reality dating show, her life with Stu and how close she is with ‘stage-five clinger’ Jarrod.

It wasn’t love at first sight

“It took a while,” she said of her romance with Stu.

“I always like Stu but there were other things that were complicated, the marriage and other things. But you can’t help chemistry. I was trying to fight it till the end.”

She doesn’t live with Stu

“I’m never home,” she said of her Queensland abode. “I really bought that house for my family. I haven’t been home for three months.”

But while she’s staying in Sydney, it’s not with Stu. “It’s too soon [to move in], she said.

She chose her heart over her head

“At the end of the day, you just need someone who makes you laugh and makes you happy,” Sophie told Lisa.

“I know some of the other guys might have been good for me on paper, but chemistry is everything. I really wanted to think with my head but I just couldn’t help it.

“I said I want someone down-to-earth and normal but I meant someone out of the industry and someone who doesn’t have a big ego and that isn’t narcissistic. I didn’t mean a construction worker, which I could have gone but there was no one on there. If you feel something, you can’t deny it.”

She wants to produce

“I want to produce my own show, like a travel show with my best friend [Oscar Gordon],” Sophie teases. “I’d like to get back into music but I can’t be bothered doing an album, it’s too much hard work. I love radio but God, the hours. I’d rather punch myself in the face than get up at 3.

She fakes it a lot on social media

“We all fake it,” Sophie admits.

“I’ll order a bottle of Veuve, take a photo, send it back and get a cheaper bottle just to look good for social media. No one’s life is perfect. I borrow dresses that still have the tag on it and say just ‘one hour’ and then bring it back.

She still talks to Jarrod

“I spoke to him yesterday for like, two hours. When people were picking on him, I thought it was really mean because his heart is in the right place,” said Sophie. “I didn’t see the perspective you guys saw. I just adored his heart and I think he loved me and cared for me.”

And Stu doesn’t mind

“He doesn’t care. He’s so mature he doesn’t worry about it. I wouldn’t do it if he did.”

Her pot plant was fake

“My assistant put a plant in mine so it grew, so he was angry that his didn’t grow,” she confessed. Whoah. We need a minute.

WATCH: Stu reveals if Sophie has met his kids (story continues after video)

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She had chemistry with these guys…

“Luke, James, Brett, Jarrod and Stu,” she reveals.

Why she booted Luke

Hang on, if she had chemistry with Luke, why was he booted so early?

She answered: “I feel like under the pressure, he started changing and becoming more friendly with the guys than looking after me.”

She doesn’t remember the words to ‘Poison’

We know, it’s a Bardot tragedy. The only words she knows is ‘I can be Poison’ which she did sing (very well, we might add).

She thinks Apollo could be the next Bachelor

“I would like to think so. He’s a beautiful person.”

One of the bachelors was a terrible kisser

“I can’t say his name but it was the worst,” Sophie recalls. “I was nearly gagging. My tongue had to retract to make room for his tongue. I felt like I was getting eaten. It was early [in the series] and it just went hard.”

She’d never do reality TV again

“I think I’m done. I’d do my own travel show but I don’t think so,” she said when asked if she’d sign up for another reality show.

Stu was supposed to be on the show from the start

“I think his family were a bit 50/50 on it and so I think by the time they approached him again to be an intruder, he was like, ‘ok I’m ready’.”

Those pauses at the rose ceremony are real

“There’s sometimes two or three minutes of silence which feels like hours and you’re just standing there waiting. And I wanted to make jokes so many times but you’ve just got to stand there and focus. That was the worst.”

She accepts that a lack of privacy is her life

“It’s part of what I’ve signed up for,” the TV star reveals. “I hate people that complain about it, like, well then get out. I’ve learnt to just deal with it.”

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