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Sophie and Stu vs. The World! The Bachelorette couple set the record straight… again

And there's actually very valid reason why you won't catch them PDA-ing all over town.
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Sophie Monk and Stu Laundy are just a few days into their new romance and already The Bachelorette couple have had to come out swinging at their critics.

And in an effort to silence the naysayers who claim their relationship is already over, the reality TV couple appeared on KIIS 1065’s Kyle & Jackie O Show to try and set the record straight for once and for all.

Wasting no time Sophie, who called in from a hotel room with Stu by her side, explained they were still very much in love and the reports they had broken up were extremely frustrating.

“We’re getting smashed! No, we have not broken up,” the 37-year-old clarified.

As for why people were skeptical over their body language during an appearance on The Project last week, Soph reminded fans she and Stu are grown adults who aren’t big fans of PDA.

“I think because they expect us to be almost making out, like the show. You put bright lights on and go live, you’re not going to be all over each other. That’s not our thing, either,” the Bachelorette pointed out.

Backing up her claims, good friend Kyle said that in the 20 years he knew Sophie, he’s never known her to “hang off a guy.”

Agreeing, Sophie added: “Especially if you see a camera, you kind of pull away. We are very affectionate when the cameras aren’t around. He’s got kids as well, we’re not going to be all over each other.”

“I think it’s more of a young thing as well, when you’re 21 or something. Behind closed doors [we’re affectionate] but I’ve never been that person to put it in people’s faces.”

Indeed, think back to the show. Sophie was always the first to admit she sucked at making the first move and even had to have PDA coaching from the producers ahead of her dates.

Sophie also addressed a set of pap pics which claimed to show the new lovers having a tense argument in a car park.

“No way [were we fighting]! That’s just my facial expression. I could have been bitching about someone else, to be honest.”

Stu was equally upset at the backlash but insisted they were doing just fine.

“It is a bit ridiculous. I’ve got four daughters, they come first to me. Sorry, I’m not going to be a public display of affection guy. Sorry,” a defiant Stu said.

“I’ve never been that guy. Sophie could make me that guy! If you take snapshots of photos you’re going to get different facial expressions.”

Defending their appearance on The Project, Stu said their live TV appearance came after a back-to-back day of press.

“Friday was one of the busiest days I’ve ever had. It was 4am into live TV at 7pm. Then a lady I’d never met started shooting me [with questions],” Stu mused, in reference to the grilling he copped from Meshel Laurie on The Project.

“It was pretty rude, actually. It was on live TV. I just wanted to make a joke of it. It just seemed a bit vengeful from the lady.”


But the publican wasn’t done sharing his side of the story, hitting back at radio host Kate Langbroek and Em Rusciano who questioned if their romance was authentic.

“Her and Kate had their knifes out for me. When I walked into the sudio with Kate, Soph and I both saw it. She went straight at me. [Saying]: ‘I’m not sold on you! This is a scam and it will take a lot of convincing to believe you.’ The next thing she’s smiling on radio,” the 44-year-old claimed.

“I wish the public would love us, there’s not a lot we can do when these people have the microphone. It hasn’t changed my mind one bit. I’m very happy,” the Sydney millionaire concluded.

Listen to Stu defend his romance with Sophie in the player below. Post continues…

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Rounding off the chat, Sophie slammed the women in the media who she felt betrayed by.

“When women are hating on women, that feels weird right,” Kyle asked.

“Yeah, especially when you think a lot of them are your friends. It’s not the public, it’s the media doing it. We’re going in, doing interviews on our own time and then you get smashed.”

Sophie also extinguished allegations she’d signed a contract with Network Ten which meant she had to pretend to be in love, even if she wasn’t.

“My manager’s too good for that crap. No way! I was happy to have no one if I didn’t find anyone.”

Listen to Soph clear up all the rumours. Post continues…

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Nothing to see here! Just a happy, normal couple in love.

Kyle could have ended their interview on that positive note, but always one to take it straight to the gutter his last question was a rather curly one.

“One last question, Stu – circumcised or uncircumcised?” Kyle quizzed.

“Oh… do I really have to do this? He said it’s fine. He said he’s circumcised,” Sophie confirmed.

Hmm, so much for respecting Stu’s four daughters.

Audio courtesy of KIIS 1065’s Kyle & Jackie O Show

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