EXCLUSIVE: Sonia Kruger reveals her daughter Maggie’s adorable reaction to her Gold Logie nomination

Plus, her decades-long friendship with Julia Morris.
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It may be the first time Sonia Kruger has been nominated for a TV WEEK Gold Logie Award, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t found herself at the centre of a campaign to win one.

In 2016, her Today Extra co-host David Campbell hilariously campaigned for her to be nominated. Sadly, it didn’t result in a nomination, but now, as Sonia stands alongside the biggest names in Australian television, it seems David’s crusade might have been a slow burn after all.

With the news of her nomination still fresh, Sonia is beaming.

With the news of her nomination still fresh, Sonia is beaming.

(Image: TV WEEK)

I can’t believe it,” she tells TV WEEK with a grin. “I’m totally chuffed.”

Sonia admits she’s not exactly the campaigning type.

“I’ve seen other people campaigning in the past, like Sam Mac [the Today weatherman], who is just hilarious. And anything Tom [Gleeson, who won the Gold Logie in 2019], does is funny. I think I’d need others to campaign on my behalf.”

Truth be told, the Gold Logie nomination was a curveball for the 56-year-old.

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The Gold Logie nomination was a curveball for the 56-year-old.

(Image: TV WEEK)

With so many shows to her name over the past two years, such as The Voice Australia, Dancing With The Stars and Big Brother, she’d anticipated one of them might be up for recognition.

However, she never expected to be put forward herself, especially considering the competition

“I’m so flattered to even be in this group, because they’re all super- talented,” Sonia shares.

“But also, they’re a great bunch to hang out with. Even though we’re from rival networks, we’re still buddies. We’ve known each other for decades, basically.”

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She’s not exaggerating. While she’s excited to meet fellow nominee Melissa Leong, she’s been friends with Hamish Blake, Karl Stefanovic, Tom Gleeson and Ray Meagher for years.

She’s especially proud to be standing next to her old friend Julia Morris.

“We go back to the Gosford Musical Society days when I was 19,” she says. “We both lived on the [NSW] Central Coast and Julia was a big star in the theatre there.

“We did Cabaret, where she played the lead, Sally Bowles, and I was one of the Kit Kat Club dancers. We have a history that predates TV.

“I can’t believe we’re here together all these years later. I’m a huge fan.”

Sonia’s daughter Maggie is thrilled by her mum’s nomination.

(Image: Instagram)

When Sonia found out about her nomination, there was one person she couldn’t wait to tell: her sister Deb, who she brought along to the Logies nominations event.

“I knew she’d be so excited,” she says. “She lives here on the Gold Coast. She’s a hairdresser and has an amazing salon. I feel like we get to share it as a family, because they’ve lived through my television life.”

But it was Sonia’s seven-year-old daughter Maggie who was most excited by the prospect.

“I explained about the Logies and showed her a photo of the Gold Logie. She said, ‘Oh, Mummy – are you going to bring that trophy home?’ the star says with a laugh.

“I’m like, ‘Sweetheart, it’s just fun to be in the competition… but I hope so!”

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