“She was talking about my package and b—-!” Sam comes clean about his infamous Sophie Monk slip-up

He may have been Robin Hood, but this fairytale is ending without a Maid Marian.
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Where do we begin with Sam Cochrane?

He wanted to be The Bachelorette Australia’s resident funnyman, but the voiceover artist proved to have a severe case of foot-in-mouth disease.

But the Sydney local tells us, “What you see is what you get!”

After Sophie Monk’s shocking decision to send Sam home, we exclusively caught up with the freshly evicted reality star to chat about his rollercoaster time on The Bachelorette Australia 2017.

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Sam, 31, voiceover artist, NSW

Sophie called Sam out on last night’s episode, saying he wanted to be there to further his career.

Tonight’s rose ceremony went down very differently with Sophie stopping it and then you had to plead your case. How intense was that?

It was so intense. She asked the other boys to leave. To have to state your case next to your mate – Blake went first and he felt very strongly for Sophie at that point.

It was extreme.

Everyone was shocked to see Luke go last night, was there more at play and do you know the real reason why Sophie sent him home?

I think there were some conversations with Luke and Sophie prior to that and that led to Sophie’s decision. I wasn’t privy to those chats but for us – Luke was a front runner the entire time.

It was especially shocking for me because it was between me and Luke and I had prepared myself to leave!

There has been some pretty shocking moments.

Your hair has captivated Australia with lots of people wanting to shave it all off – would you consider it?

I would 100% shave it for charity. I’m not attached to it at all. In my everyday life I wear beanies and baseball caps.

I don’t really care.

Let’s talk about that infamous “Sophie’s cans” moment – why oh why did you say that?

It’s really important to remember that I was running around in my undies and Sophie was talking about my package and balls – several times!

That was the level and the line of communication I thought we had.

Yeah! It was a funny day and there was a lot more laughing than was shown.

Watch it all unfold in the video below!

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Look – she did bring it up again and I find nothing sexier than a woman demanding respect. As soon as I saw her concerns about me not having the right intention, I very quickly changed my approach.

If you remember my first date with her, which was weeks after, we were OK! There was some conflict resolution there.

I really respected her and loved that she asked for that respect.

Before the show began, Sophie said in interview that she really liked one of the guys in the beginning but he turned out be a bit of a “dickhead” – who do you think she was talking about?

Hard to say… It could have been me – getting the double delight on the first night and then we realised very quickly how similar we were.

It could have been Luke as well! We all thought he was front-runner… Curve ball! The only way you can gauge that is that Sophie changed her mind.

You weren’t the resident villain but you did stir the pot – are you happy with how you were portrayed?

A lot of time in conversations or interviews, the camera cuts before I laugh. You’re not seeing the fact that I’m joking.

I get it, they’re building a TV show. I get off on making people laugh – it’s something I do!

My single date with Soph where we baked – that was really serious.

Relive that date in the video below!

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What did your friends and family think?

They laughed! They know who I am. I’m not flicking a switch for the show – that’s who I am.

They were proud to see me on the show… They weren’t particularly proud of the cans comment but they understood.

We have to ask – Do you owe your nephews a refund now you’ve been booted out?

[Laughs] No! I got right into the red zone. They’re happy! They’ve loved watching it – they love seeing their uncle.

Was Sophie your type?

Yes! She’s got a wicked sense of humour and she’s also caring and nurturing.

This is the first year we’ve had a celebrity Bachelorette, what was that like for you guys?

The benefit was the majority of us knew it was Sophie. So we were prepared – I think it help. For me it was fine. I had a feeling we would be similar and we had a laugh.

Was it a blessing or curse to have the double delight rose?

It was such a blessing! It gave us a chance to explore our connection.

Were there any huge moments that we didn’t get to see on screen?

All my chats with Sophie at the cocktail party.

Had I gone onto win this thing I’m sure that footage would be in there. They were really special.

There’s no doubt in my mind – Sophie and I really care about each other.

I get why it wasn’t shown – but that was so real and that’s why I kept getting roses.

Any truth to the reports you and Sophie had a fling on the outside world?

No truth! I don’t respond to trash. Our level of comfort could have started that rumour.

Are you still mates with everyone from the show or are there some people you’d rather not see?

Yeah I love them all! I’ve made brothers for life.

Can you tell us what Jarrod is actually like?

I began to warm to him towards the end. That’s because he never changed. He was there for Sophie. But does that mean he’s not scary? No he is scary! But he’s at least consistent.

Holy sh–!

Sophie was his objective and he’s a military man. Still scary – scary dude to live with. [Laughs]

What was your favourite moment and is there anything you’d do differently?

I wouldn’t have done anything differently but I had so many favourite moments… Maybe falling into the pool?

What’s next for you – are you dating? There’s been reports you’re quite prolific on Tinder…

I’m not getting on dating apps any time soon! I don’t know any one my age, who’s single and not on a dating app.

I’m single now! When this whole storm has calmed I will probably look to find something, by other means than dating apps!

So no Tinder for you?

Nope, nope, nope!

Would you say yes to Bachie in Paradise?

Let this finish before I can think of anything else.

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