RFDS finale spoilers: With his career on the line, a boat crash puts Pete under even more pressure

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It’s literally all hands on deck for the flight nurses when a catastrophic boat crash puts several lives at risk in RFDS. But will the risky rescue put Pete’s career in even further jeopardy?

The dramatic season finale kicks off with a suspended Pete (Stephen Peacocke) on tenterhooks. He’s awaiting the verdict of a tribunal in the wake of the tragic White Cliffs incident that saw him perform an emergency procedure that left his patient unable to speak.

Pete becomes riddled with anxiety…

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With nothing to do but wait, Pete decides to take his mind off his troubles by joining his mate Wayne (Rob Collins) on a fishing trip.

But what’s meant to be a relaxing day on the water quickly changes after they’re called in to help others following a boat crash.

Jumping into action, the pair drive and hike through rugged terrain to assist the patients at the crash site.

Once there, Pete becomes riddled with anxiety over the White Cliffs incident and questions whether he’s actually good enough to do his job.

Will Pete’s personal demons put lives at risk?

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Stephen, 41, tells TV WEEK that, given the nature of his work, it’s no surprise Pete might struggle at times.

“If you work in a job like he does, which is basically a paramedic – a flight nurse, in this case – you’re dealing with tragedies all the time and the terror of people having the worst days of their lives,” he says.

And, what begins as nagging doubt soon morphs into a full-blown panic attack. Will Pete’s personal demons put lives at risk?

“You’re dealing with tragedies all the time.”

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Meanwhile, Wayne and the team attempt to get three critically ill patients to safety. But just when it seems everyone is accounted for, one of the RFDS‘ own suffers a life-threatening emergency, needing Pete’s immediate professional help.

Will the troubled flight nurse be able to confront his demons and save them, or could it all be too much to handle?

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