RFDS Season 2: Turbulence incoming at White Cliffs Rodeo

Trouble is in the air for the crew at RFDS.
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The Royal Flying Doctor Service crew at Broken Hill are reeling from a catastrophic car crash at the White Cliffs rodeo. After a staffing mishap left the team without the support of a doctor, flight nurse Pete was forced to work outside his scope of practice.

Mid-flight Pete performed an incredibly risky procedure to save a patient’s life. While it seemed to be a success at the time, the ramifications were severe. The impact of his decision to perform the procedure affects everyone who works at the base as their conduct is called into question.

Stephen Peacocke plays Pete in RFDS.

When Pete receives an update about the patient, he’s left rattled just at the moment he’s thrown into another difficult retrieval with Wayne (Rob Collins) and new mental health nurse Chaya (Emma Harvie).

The team is called to a woman suffering mysterious abdominal pain. On arrival, they discover that the critically ill patient is holding an explosive secret from her volatile husband. The retrieval is made even more difficult when they are required to change course for an injured grey nomad.

Rob Collins plays Wayne in RFDS.

Meanwhile, Leonie (Justine Clarke) confides in Eliza (Emma Hamilton) her devastating medical diagnosis. Eliza, who has since become an empty nester in London, decides to follow her heart back to Broken Hill.

Her surprise move throws a spanner into the works of the blossoming romance between Pete and Chaya.

Sparks sure are flying between Pete and Chaya…

It seems everyone is harbouring secrets in Broken Hill after Pete and Chaya shared a kiss at the pub after a tough day. As a love-triangle unfolds between the trio, pilot Mira (Ash Ricardo) gets some surprising news of her own that she wants to keep under wraps from her partner Wayne for now.

Leonie is holding her medical struggles close to her chest while Mira has an explosive secret of her own. Who will spill the beans first? Find out on RFDS this Tuesday 9:15pm on Channel Seven.

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