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Sneak peek: Royal Flying Doctor Service Season 2!

Can the RFDS Heroes in blue save the day once again?
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At the end of Royal Flying Doctor Service’s last season, Senior Medical Officer Eliza Harrod made the difficult decision to say farewell to her Royal Flying Doctors Service family to head back to her life in London with son, Henry.

Ever since, the team at the Broken Hill base have been battling staff shortages, leaving them to work to their very limits.

Meet new nurse on the block, Emma Chavie who plays Chaya

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A rostering issue leaves an overworked Wayne (Rob Collins) and the team without a doctor at the exact moment that a catastrophic multi car crash happens 300km away at the White Cliffs rodeo. The disaster coincides with Leonie receiving a shattering health diagnosis of her own, rendering her uncontactable.

Flight Nurse Pete (Stephen Peacocke) and new mental health nurse Chaya (Emma Harvie) are forced to step up to the challenge and work outside their scope of practice with a risky procedure to save a life.

Our heroes!

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With Wayne stuck in Adelaide and Leonie missing in action in Dubbo, pilot Mira (Ash Ricardo) and Flight Nurse Matty (Jack Scott) attempt to race back to Pete and Chaya just as Pete is ultimately forced to make a life or death decision.

Without a doctor on hand, can Pete and his team save the day?

Could there be some tension there…

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For Stephen Peacocke, returning to the set for a second season to play Flight Nurse Pete was a dream come true.

”My agent said ‘so you’re heading back to Broken Hill’, which was music to my ears, because it’s such an excellent town,” Stephen tells TV Week.

We’re in for a wild ride this season.

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”I was excited to hear that (the show) was happening for a second round. And I wasn’t surprised. It’s a perfect place to set a really appealing, intriguing story.”

For Stephen, who grew up in Dubbo, returning to regional Australia feels like home.

Stephen can save us any day.

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”And it’s a dream job,” he shares. ”I worked on a sheep station when I was an 18 year old straight out of school, and it was very isolated and huge, big open, open country and I love that.

So to think I could sort of marry the two, marry acting, which is my job and being in the bush with a bunch of good people doing really, really good stuff. It’s an excellent proposition.”

Catch the Royal Flying Doctor Service’s Season 2 premiere on Tuesday, 9.15pm on Channel Seven.

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