David Berry travels around the world and back in time in Outlander

He is making history... or his Outlander character is.
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In the world of Outlander, Lord John Grey is a charming and powerful aristocrat who quietly steers the destiny of those around him.

Instrumental in saving the life of Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan), and helping him start a family, he’s had a hand – quiet and otherwise – in some of the saga’s most important storylines. Fans describe him as “one of the most complex and interesting” characters in the wide Outlander universe.

“We will see Lord John at his worst.”

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Australian David Berry, who plays Lord John, says he’s as much fun to play as you’d imagine he would be.

“It’s been an absolute dream to portray such a beloved and intricately crafted character,” David, 39, tells TV WEEK. “Immersing myself in his journey has provided invaluable insights into both my own personal growth and the profound complexities of life as a whole.”

David hints that journey is about to get even more complicated as Lord John and the rest of the Outlander crew meet one of the most turbulent times in modern history: the American Revolution.

Outlander is now on its seventh season.

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Figuring out if he can remain friends with those he is ordered to fight will be one of Lord John toughest challenges, David says.

“This season, we will see Lord John at his worst,” he says. “He will hit absolute rock bottom and be kicked while he’s down there.”

It’s a long way from the Australian dramas where we first saw David, including Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, A Place to Call Home and Home And Away.

While the characters are going through hell in Outlander, it seems their actors are having fun!

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But Summer Bay at least gave him his first taste of working on a series that has fans around the world.

“Both Home And Away and Outlander are worldwide phenomena and I feel privileged to be a part of both,” David says. “Although, I’m not sure anyone remembers my character in Home And Away [he played Logan Meyer for 10 episodes in 2012]… that was a lifetime ago!”

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