McLeod’s Daughters stars Bridie Carter and Lisa Chappell’s inside scoop on the McLeod’s reboot

The famous TV sisters are ready to return to Drover's Run.
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Millions of fans will rejoice to learn that a sequel to the incredibly popular drama series McLeod’s Daughters could soon be back on our TV screens, with the script already written, locations chosen and the original stars lining up to join the cast!

And fan favourites Bridie Carter, 52, and Lisa Chappell, 54, who played sisters Tess and Claire McLeod, could lead the charge of returning stars – even though Claire was killed off in one of the most watched deaths on Australian television!

The McLeod’s are back!

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“As long as it was done in a way that doesn’t diminish the memory of the character, I don’t think anyone wouldn’t want to see Claire as a ghost, sitting on the edge of Tess’ bed, giving her sage advice,” Lisa tells Woman’s Day.

Bridie, who was inspired to take up a life on the land in northern NSW in real life after starring in the first six seasons of the hit show, confirms she has been approached to reprise her role and has even seen a draft script.

“Our McLeod’s family is still alive and well today, growing stronger by the minute,” she recently posted on Instagram after previously reassuring fans that the reboot would “do justice to the legend of McLeod’s Daughters“.

Bridie is still living her best country life.

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Bridie also recently teased fans by asking what they thought happened to Tess and her husband Nick – who was played by heartthrob Myles Pollard –after they moved to Argentina, when it was revealed that Nick had survived a plane crash in South America.

“What would they be doing today? Right now, in Argentina. Who have they become, what roads have they traversed together? How have they changed? How are they the same?” she asked the thousands of diehard fans she regularly updates on social media.

“She was always open, always positive, always forward-moving in her life. She certainly had her ups and downs, her questions, her stumbles, like all of us. But the one thing the writers gave her was tenacity, resilience and the absolute ability to never give up – no matter what.

The sisters are ready to make their comeback.

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“I certainly can learn a lot from Tess. I did. I do. And we can take comfort from her, that life is full of ups and downs and unknowns and sometimes, we just have to ride the wave.”

That “wave” could see Bridie, Lisa and their fictional half-sister, Jodi Fountain-McLeod (played by Rachael Carpani, 42) return for the much anticipated reboot, along with stars like Aaron Jeffery, 52, and Myles, 50, who played the sons of landed gentry and became heartthrobs.

Myles says McLeod’s Daughters, which captivated Australia for eight seasons from 2001 to 2009 on Nine, remains one of the “most incredible experiences of my life” and that he has nothing but gratitude and fond memories of Drovers Run.

The beauty of the reboot, which has a working title of The McLeods Of Drovers Run, and was initially conceived as a movie but could end up a new TV series, is that it will blend “past, present and future”, according to creator Posie Graeme-Evans.

We can’t wait to see Drover’s Run back in action!

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Posie confirmed three years ago that she was working on a feature film based on the series, and late last year signed a “multi-year deal” with new Australian studio Dreamchaser, which is run by former Nine Entertainment CEO Hugh Marks, fuelling speculation it could become a TV series.

“We’re just at the beginning, the very beginning, but we’re on our way. No promises but I have such a good feeling about this. Hope I’m right,” she posted on Instagram.

Posie let slip intriguing details about the reboot, including that it will be part prequel and part sequel, and include the “origin story” of how the McLeods came to South Australia from the Scottish highlands in the 1850s.

“We’ve found, in the present, a massive arc that weaves one white horse brought from Scotland long ago to brumbies on Drovers Run today,” she reveals, joking that she would “blend the past, the present and the future into one coherent whole or die trying”.

Posie also paid tribute to the millions of loyal McLeods fans around the globe, admitting the reboot was thanks to their many posts, messages and loyalty.

“Without you all, all over the world, we’d never have come this far,” she says.

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