The ultimate fan guide to the McLeod’s Daughters filming locations

From Drover's Run to the famous Truck Stop, we've got all the must-see places for the ultimate fan tour!
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It’s been almost 15 years since the picturesque country town of Gungellan graced our screens on McLeod’s Daughters.

While the cast and crew may have moved on, luckily for fans, the places Tess and Claire McLeod called home are still open and ready to welcome fans from across the country.

Ready to undertake the ultimate Gungellan fan tour? Scroll down for a guide of all the must-see McLeod’s Daughters filming locations.

Get up close and personal with the McLeod’s home town.

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Drover’s Run – Kingsford The Barossa

Throughout the filming of the show, the home of Tess and Claire McLeod was owned by media mogul Kerry Packer, who purchased the property in 2000 during his tenure as head of Nine.

Following the sale of the property in 2009 to Barossa local Stefan Ahrens, the homestead was converted into a picturesque wedding and holiday destination and, after a three year multi-million dollar restoration project, Drover’s Run is officially back in business!

Crowned Kingsford The Barossa, the iconic TV property is now home to luxury accommodation, sporting everything from a bowling alley to a 6600 bottle private wine tunnel.

“We’ve never done anything like this before, but it was a true passion project,” owner Stefan Ahrens told Broadsheet.

Fancy a stay on the cattle farm? You can book your slice of the McLeod’s paradise here!

The homestead was also a working cattle ranch during filming.

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Gungellan Hotel – Freeling Railway Hotel

Fifteen minutes drive from Drover’s Run is the famous Gungellan Hotel, located in the small town of Freeling.

Located on Gray Street, the Freeling Railway Hotel is immediately recognisable to any McLeod’s Daughters fan, with the pub still sporting the Gungellan Hotel façade that was used throughout filming.

Fortunately for hungry travellers, the pub is still fully operational and happily providing fans the opportunity to explore some iconic memorabilia while also having a classic Australian pub lunch.

Visit Tess and Claire’s local for lunch.

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Gungellan Truck Stop – Hanson Street, Freeling

The Gungellan Truck Stop remained a staple location throughout the eight seasons of McLeod’s Daughters.

For fans hoping to catch up on all fictional the local gossip, be sure to visit the site of the Truck Stop on Hanson Street in Freeling.

The site is unfortunately no longer operational however, the original Gungellan façade is still proudly on display, so be sure to get some photos in front of this beloved site!

The Truck Stop was a favourite of the Gungellan community.

(Image: The Adelaide Review)

Gungellan Town Hall – Freeling Institute

Located in the heart of Freeling, the Freeling Institute was used as the Gungellan Town Hall throughout McLeod’s Daughters.

The building was the backdrop for many town meetings, protests, and celebrations – including the Gungellan Ball and Gungellan Farmers Council meetings.

According to the Light Regional Council, the Freeling Institute also housed the various production and hair and makeup trailers during filming, with the inside of the hall being used by the cast and crew as a break out area.

The hall is also available for hire.

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