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Happy Big Heart Project day!

By the end of today the Lyneham Netball Courts in Canberra will be covered in five cent pieces raising money for cancer research.

Connie and Sam Johnson, the founders of Love Your Sister, arrived on site early this morning to kick off proceedings.

TV WEEK’s Amber caught up with Sam and Connie, who were thrilled with the early turnout at today’s event.

“We’re surrounded by heart, we’re surrounded by passion, we’re surrounded by hope!” Connie tells TV WEEK.

“There’s been a line a block long the whole morning and it’s very touching,” Sam says.

“It’s very emotional, but it’s very positive,” Connie adds. “The feeling in the air is just amazing. I can’t believe it.”

See the full video at the top of the page.

The TV WEEK team are also on site with our photo booth. So if you’re able to swing by – be sure to drop by our stand to pose with His Royal Logieness and his Logies and be the star of your very own TV WEEK cover.

The TV WEEK Photo booth on site.

We’ll keep you updated throughout the day on how the fundraising is coming along. If you can’t make it to the event – you can still donate here.

Sam is currently working hard at the merchandise tent and the big heart has already started to start shining bright with five cent pieces!

There are bucket loads of five cent pieces coming in and we are LOVING the sight of them!

The line for donations is looking nice and long as the morning gets underway at The Big Heart Project.

His Royal Logieness posing with a young fan at the TV WEEK photo booth!

The Big Heart Project is now five hours in and has raised $87,449! What a fantastic result! If you haven’t yet donated and want to contribute, click here.

Sam and Connie have gone up into a rainbow hot air balloon to get a better view of the sparkly heart that is coming together!

How amazing is the sea of five cent pieces looking!

We are loving the lonnnnng queue that is still going at the Big Heart Project five hours in.

People are digging deep in order to make Connie’s dream come true!

The Love Your Sister villagers are still going strong as the race to fill the big heart continues!

How amazing is this image courtesy of Questacon in Canberra! Check out the silver sparkle of that big heart.

This is what we want to hear! What an amazing effort.

The heart is coming along. Surely not much longer before the whole heart is silver?!

Connie and Sam sharing a laugh during the event.

Connie and Samuel’s amazing project has made headlines in the local news in Canberra!

Questacon have reported that one bucket of five cent coins goes into the heart every 12 seconds. What a fantastic statistic!

They are still pouring five cent pieces into the big heart with another six hours to go until the end! That means you still have time to donate if you haven’t yet.

Click here to donate to Connie and Samuel Johnson’s Big Heart Project!

Check out those silver coins! Only a few white gaps are peeking through now.

Samuel Johnson has just let everyone know that an exciting announcement is on its way!

Connie has been resting but will join Sam shortly for the news. Could the world record be broken already?!

Bendigo bank have revealed that Love Your Sister’s Big Heart Project has raised a whopping $1.48 million so far!

This money has been raised across Australia and will massively help with cancer research.

What a heartwarming result!

And now #BigHeartProject is trending!

Keep donating, tweeting and talking about it folks.

We are jumping for joy over the money that today’s Big Heart Project has raised!

Connie and Sam along with so many generous individuals have managed to make this dream a reality.

Love Your Sister have just announced that the current tally of donations is over $2 million dollars! How amazing!

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