The Big Heart Project has raised over $1,000,000

Congratulations to the Love Your Sister team and a huge thank you to everyone who donated!

The Big Heart Project is currently underway in Canberra.
The Love Your Sister team, along with Samuel and Connie Johnson have been busy counting the five cent pieces being donated to cancer research and they have just released some very exciting figures.
“After your story aired on The Project last night we raised $350,000,” Sam revealed during an announcement at the event.
“We’ve sold $18,000 of merchandise to you guys at out stall here so far,” he added.
He also took the time to thank people for all the donations that have been pouring in online throughout the day.
“Thanks to everyone who can’t be here. Many of you have donated but can’t make it. Don’t think that you’re not appreciated here,” he said.
While there are still a lot more coins to count, the numbers are looking very good.
“The Bendigo Bank are going to take three weeks to count these millions of coins. So I’m not going to have an exact figure for a while,” he admitted. “The closest I can come to is about $1.48 million.”

Connie was visibly overcome during the announcement. It’s been an emotional day for the both Sam and Connie who founded the Love Your Sister charity.
“Connie and her amazing army of volunteers have done an amazing job to set this event up for you,” Sam added. “We really hope, on behalf of the vollies and Connie that you enjoyed today.”
Catch up with all the activities from the day here.

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