EXCLUSIVE: “I can barely hold down one”: Dr. Chris Brown confesses the real reason he will never be The Bachelor

''It'd be a terrible spectacle.''
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As she walked the TV WEEK Logie Awards red carpet on Sunday night, Julia Morris was ready to reveal the real reason Dr Chris Brown refuses to be The Bachelor.

“Do you know why? He’s scared of all of those women having to fight me! I’m going to be a tough crowd,” she teases to TV WEEK exclusively. “I don’t think he could think of anything worse.”

Later in the night, Chris adds that Julia would interfere from night one.

“She would come in and just say: ‘No, no, no, no, no. And just clear them all out. And then that would be the show. So it’d be a one episode run,” he jokes.

Julia Morris hits the TV WEEK Logie Awards red carpet.


The presenter, who along with Julia won the TV WEEK Logie for the Most Outstanding Reality Program for I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, goes on to say he’s not exactly sure why fans are keen to see him date 24 women on TV.

“I can you barely hold down one. So I don’t think it’s a good idea for anyone. It’d be a terrible spectacle. Lovely show, but I can’t see that.”

WATCH: Chris Brown on The Bachelor Australia 2022. Article continues after video

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Julia and Chris have been co-hosting I’m A Celeb for almost a decade now, and have grown very close over the years.

In fact, the comedian’s favourite TV moment from 2022 involved her handsome colleague, as they opened the show this year.

“We couldn’t fly overseas. There were lots of things, between COVID-19 and this, that, and the other, that could have stopped the jungle from going ahead,” she recalls of the pandemic.

“And to stand on the set after eight years and still be laughing with my beloved Dr. Chris and getting to make television. That’s definitely my highlight in the last two years.”

”It’d be a terrible spectacle,” Chris said about being The Bachelor.


Julia, who delivered a memorable opening monologue, is up for the Gold, but admits she “hasn’t even thought” about actually winning.

“I haven’t even thought about it being me. Not to undermine anything about me, but I just assume it will be one of the boys,” she says.

“But I think one of the girls would love to take it as well.”

The girls – Julia, Melissa Leong and Sonia Kruger – were all dressed up to the nines on the red carpet, but the funnywoman jokes it took some serious work to get her ready for the evening.

Julia has been hosting I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! with Dr Chris Brown since day dot.

(Image: Network 10)

“I had to literally have someone come in with a trowel bring me back from the crypt, but I’m pretty pleased to be out of all the activewear,” she quips.

And it was worth the effort – after all, the TV WEEK Logies are her “favourite night of the year”.

“To finally be back after a couple of years is a bit of a treat. I’m not sure anyone remembers how to talk on the red carpet though.”

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